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Sanmina Improves Global Collaboration, Empowers Employees with G Suite

Agile, flexible, efficient — these are the words we hear constantly in the modern business world describing companies’ technologies, products, and services. But how many teams can describe themselves this way, too? The ones that can certainly have an edge over the competition.

Maven Wave supported Sanmina Corporation, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company responsible for making some of the world’s most complex and innovative electronic, optical and mechanical products, during a large-scale migration to Google Cloud. The move to Google Cloud would allow the company’s globally distributed teams to work more collaboratively and efficiently. With Maven Wave’s guidance and training, Sanmina was able to leverage G Suite and Maven Wave’s Reveal Video Platform built on Google Cloud to simplify management tasks, improve quality control, and minimize licensing and hardware expenditures – while boosting efficiency overall. Given the geographically diverse nature of the Sanmina team and current business demands for quick, cost-effective collaboration, the company needed to expand G Suite usage to transform its internal processes.

“Maven Wave is a trusted partner and advisor,” said Mario Zuniga, Senior Manager, Enterprise Applications at Sanmina. “Using G Suite, in conjunction with other Google technologies like Chrome, provides us with the flexibility to more quickly respond to business needs. Support from Maven Wave and Google is helping us on our continued digital transformation journey.”

“Maven Wave has been a terrific and responsive partner,” added Manesh Patel, CIO of Sanmina. “They’re open and adapted their approach to our needs, while bringing a core competency in G Suite.”

The transformation — across 45,000 employees working from 60 manufacturing plants in 26 countries — was a resounding success. Results of Sanmina’s cloud transformation include:

  • Increased agility, flexibility and productivity for Sanmina’s global team, which consists of 45,000 employees across 60 manufacturing plants in 26 countries.
  • Sanmina is on track to reduce legacy desktop application license costs by more than 50 percent this year, which would allow the company to realize a $2-$5M in license cost avoidance.
  • These upgrades are facilitating Sanmina’s adoption of the Google Chrome platform and are playing a key role in the company’s shift to digital cloud transformation.

To learn more about Sanmina’s success with Maven Wave and Google Cloud, check out the video below.


Maven Wave has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises transform their business with G Suite. With the Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Enterprise Collaboration under our belt, we’ve proven our expertise and success in building customer solutions with G Suite. To learn more, contact us now.

June 13th, 2019

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