New Ways of Working and The Path to Collaboration: A Journey Into the Future of Work

As enterprises across the globe enter a new era of work, many questions remain: What will the office of the future look like? How will collaboration tools support that? To answer some of these most pressing questions, leaders are turning to their teams and the lessons learned from the pandemic to build collaborative, innovative, and flexible work from anywhere powered by Google Workspace.

But don’t be surprised: in many ways, the future of work has already arrived — and brought many enterprise challenges with it. At the same time, this new way of working brings innovation for the enterprise to meet strategic business goals. Yet, the most critical challenge to solve is meeting the needs of a company’s biggest asset: its team. While some employees are excited to rejoin their colleagues in lavish office environments, others aren’t as ecstatic about water cooler talks, morning traffic jams, and lunch breaks. In fact, according to a recent report, more than two-thirds of employees say they’d like to work away from the office for at least two days per week.

To accommodate their teams, leading enterprises are trying to reinvent physical workspaces and redefine company culture (and perks) to address pandemic-driven concerns and workers who simply prefer to work from home. But how ready is your organization for the future of work? 

Work is No Longer a Physical Place

According to Gartner, 94% of organizations are enabling more flexibility as to where and when employees work. Equipping your workforce so they can do their jobs from home, an office, or wherever they happen to get work done holds the key to success. This plays an integral role in attracting and retaining top talent to take you into the future of work and beyond. However, many enterprises lack the efficient collaboration tools needed to empower teams to work from anywhere, and that’s where Google Workspace, a tool built for the enterprise, shines.

Between legacy systems and dispersed tools that weren’t designed to streamline processes and operations, C-suites are seeking secure, cloud-based solutions to drive employee collaboration and engagement while supporting digital transformation and today’s remote/hybrid work models. With Google Workspace, organizations are able to check all the boxes and deliver real-time, meaningful results, especially during this time when some employees might be working remotely or at the office.

Organizational Change Management is Driving The Future of Work

Implementing a new productivity tool across an entire organization to support the future of work seems daunting, especially with dispersed teams in hybrid environments. From cultural challenges to technical obstacles, making a change while adapting to new models of work can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. To help prepare and ease businesses into new ways of working and collaborating, Maven Wave’s change management team supports organizations with a Google Workspace implementation, helping the world’s biggest brands overcome adoption challenges. An organization’s Google Workspace environment can be tailored to their needs, with the opportunity to innovate and scale over time. With employees in offices, working remotely, on-site at stores, factories, or hospitals, Google Workspace provides an innovative and seamless way to work from anywhere with the same experience as working from a traditional office.

For Ascension, one of the largest non-profit health systems, Google Workspace enabled the organization to digitally transform how its 160,000 employees communicate and collaborate. Prior to engaging with Maven Wave to implement a Google Workspace solution, they relied on a mix of collaboration tools. After a successful change management program led by our team, the Ascension team now leverages Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Drive due to the importance of meeting and creating and distributing carefully curated content to thousands of locations. This allows their employees to work even better from anywhere as they improve people’s lives in need of care. Check out the full case study here.

The Future of Work is Bright and Secure

As we look ahead, security is at the forefront for enterprises and their workers. With that said, it should come as no surprise that security is also top of mind for Google Workspace. From supporting compliance requirements across critical industries to delivering robust security features to more than 5 million organizations worldwide, Google Workspace enables secure innovation and growth in a challenging business landscape. Google Workspace protects your users, data, and devices from threats wherever your employees are working. For more on Google Workspace security, download Google’s latest security white paper.

The pandemic may have changed the world of work forever, but the future is brighter, more integrated, and more flexible in the cloud. With Google Workspace, enterprises are transforming the way work gets done, providing a healthier work-life balance, increased productivity, and so much more. We know making the leap to a long-term solution like Google Workspace comes with its challenges, and Maven Wave is well equipped to provide a seamless transition with minimal disruption.

With a dedicated change management team and 11 Google Cloud Partner Specializations, including Cloud Migration, Security, and Enterprise Collaboration, Maven Wave can provide your organization with a more flexible, productive, and collaborative environment to meet current and future demands in a Google Workspace environment. To learn more about how to support your organization on the journey to the future of work, download Google’s guide on “5 Ways to Accelerate Your Journey to the Future of Work.”

September 24th, 2021

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