New Updates from Google: Keeping Your Cloud Secure

Google is continually adding new updates to keep your cloud secure from threats and protecting your data. Google’s Cloud provides users with top-notch infrastructure to keep companies safe, as well as provide the tools for collaboration. Below we touch on 5 updates you have access to today!

Manage Your Assets in One Place

Cloud Identity is a new solution that allows you to manage your devices, apps and users in one location. Most employees are using multiple devices to access their Gmail account; Cloud Identity gives users the ability to log into their account from any device, while also providing top-level security. Admins have the power to implement screen locks and enforce two-step verification. Additionally, admins have access to all information on account activity to stop any phishing from occurring.

Real-Time Logging

IT admins now have access to insights on all activity occurring within Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Access Transparency gives IT the power to know a real-time log of changes made by Google Engineers within your GCP. IT can see logs for Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Identity, Access Management, Cloud Key Management Service, Cloud Storage and Persistent Disks. Soon, Google will be adding additional services to be accessible with Access Transparency.

G Suite Security Center

Google’s brand new security center gives users information on security analytics, best practice recommendations and tips on how to keep your data and users secure. Admins can log into G Suite to see insights on file sharing and they have the ability to see any spam and malware activity. There are metrics on the dashboard that will show IT how effective the company’s security currently is. IT teams can also review emails to ensure they meet the company’s authentication requirements, as well as have data on which Drive files are causing Data Loss Protection (DLP).

Keeping Team Drives More Secure

Team Drive has been enhanced with better security. Now, Team Drives are even safer for employees with features such as limited file access and IRM controlling to keep users from printing and downloading files that are not allowed to be shared externally. It’s vital for organizations to keep their company files/data secured and Team Drive gives document owners the ability to easily manage file access with customized permission settings.

Defense for Your Internet Services

Google has rolled out Cloud Armor to help companies to protect their Internet-facing services. Google has utilized this solution to keep Search, Gmail and YouTube protected against attacks. Now, companies on GCP will have this same security to keep them safe from malicious attacks. This DDoS (Denial-of-service attack) solution is built-in with GCP infrastructure and requires no configuration from IT. Cloud Armor is going to stop large attacks from occurring and spread across various customers.


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