How Our Mavens Live Life 10x

Earlier this year, Maven Wave introduced its 10x Mavens initiative to showcase the many talents and skills of our employees outside of the workplace. As 2019 closes out, we are taking a look at the opportunities presented to and achievements made by our Mavens over the year.

It all began in the summer of 2018 when 35 Mavens conquered a grimy and gritty Spartan obstacle course. Program Lead, Chad Furlong, rallied these warriors to participate and every one of them not only showed up but completed the course. This sparked the idea for a larger 10x Mavens initiative. Furlong spearheaded the program rollout during Maven Wave’s all-company meeting in May, clad in his Spartan race gear. With an energetic presence, he questioned the audience on whether or not they had stepped out of their comfort zone recently or done something they had always wanted to. 

The program itself was born out of the realization that Maven Wave is comprised of a set of extremely talented and giving people. When conceptualizing the group, Furlong describes the notion as, “Why not tap into these talented and giving people? Why not tap into those talents to help other Mavens conquer that fear or achieve that far off goal?”

2019 blossomed into a broader set of challenges set to test the mettle of Mavens, including musical engagements, physical activities, professional skills workshops, and more. Program highlights include Maven band performances as part of the Music Extravaganza, running club “Run MAVEN Run!”, and the Chicago Half Marathon. 

The Music Extravaganza initiative is focused on helping Mavens actualize their musical talents and expand their horizons, no matter whether they are an accomplished musician or simply used to singing in their car. Lead by General Counsel, Heidi Groulx, and Founding Partner, Brian Farrar, five months of band practice culminated in a major gig at Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL where employees and family members gathered to hear performances by the three Maven Wave bands. 

With each band came a distinct sound and different set. “Bands were formed by asking participants to fill out a Google form telling us about what instruments they play, their musical experience and abilities and what they hoped to get out of 10x music. Brian and I worked together to put the bands together based on the instruments and asked the participants for song ideas,” said Groulx. 

As a company, Maven Wave is a powerful blend of traditional consulting and cutting-edge technology capable of converting complex business challenges into 10x results. Similarly, 10x Mavens is a one-of-kind program designed to create unique opportunities for Mavens to spread their wings, get out of their comfort zones, and accomplish goals only previously dreamed about. “Live life 10x,” is the resounding message of 10x event leaders, hoping to make an impact tenfold. 

We can’t wait to see where the 10x initiative takes our Mavens in 2020. Ready to join the team, and maybe even the band? We’re hiring! Check out our open job opportunities.

About the Author

Kaira Teschke
Kaira is the Marketing Coordinator at Maven Wave, focusing on project management, brand strategy, digital content, and event execution. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Interactive Media Studies from Miami University. Outside of work, she is interested in art, design, fashion, and music.
December 12th, 2019

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