Maven Wave’s Intern Class of 2017

This year, we launched our first Intern Program at Maven Wave, bringing in five interns from the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan for the summer. Our interns gained invaluable consulting experience by working on a series of projects with various teams across the company. Learn more about our interns and their experience at Maven Wave below!

Maven Monday

Paige Sekely, University of Illinois

During my internship at Maven Wave, I worked with the Google Cloud team, one of our financial services clients, and I am about to undergo a machine learning contest! With the Google Cloud team, I was able to gain UI/UX and development skills, while also learning to use GCP and Google App Maker. While working with one of our financial services clients, I learned about blockchain and all the various ways it could disrupt every industry in the next decade. Through these projects, I gained skills in agility, strategic planning, solution development and presentation. I’ve grown substantially in my short time at Maven Wave and I am excited to apply my new and improved skills as I enter the professional world.

Projects worked on this summer:

  • Utilized GCP and Google App Maker to create an internal application used to optimize the onboarding process at Maven Wave
  • Crafted an application utilizing UI and UX from a deep understanding of the users’ needs
  • Performed the role of a Strategic Advisor by learning about blockchain as a transformative technology and determining which vertical has the highest value potential for investment for Maven Wave
  • Developed various use cases for blockchain technology and proposed one to be a solution for a strategy proposal

Danny Shannon, University of Illinois

As an intern at Maven Wave, I have had the opportunity to work with several different teams on a variety of projects this summer. I’ve spent time working with the UX/UI team and with the Google Maps team, which has enabled me to expand my knowledge in consulting, as well as gain exposure to different cutting edge technologies. It has been a great experience for me to work on applications that will be used both internally at Maven Wave and by clients. I have sharpened by development abilities this summer and gained skills that will help me going forward, professionally.

Projects worked on this summer:

  • Worked with the Salesforce API to integrate and visualize Salesforce data in Maven Wave’s new Intranet
  • Created a spreadsheet-based Google Maps application that allows customers to make use of their previously unused location data
  • Developed a web scraping application that will enable Maven Wave to send automated reports to customers detailing how they are using their Google Maps services quota
  • Wrote technical documentation for the applications I worked on during my internship

Kylie Vickery, University of Illinois

As an Intern at Maven Wave this summer, I was given the unique opportunity to work across many different groups and gained exposure to the different services Maven Wave has to offer. On our first rotation, I was placed on the Google Cloud team with the other interns and we were assigned to develop an application for HR and Recruiting to help streamline the onboarding process at Maven Wave. Drawing on our prior coding experience as well as our critical thinking skills and the ability to navigate through a problem, we were able to deliver a completely functional application that was utilized almost immediately. On my second rotation, I worked closely with the Google Maps team and learned about how certain applications were built, so I could help the team produce a movie, as well as update their current slide deck and other supplementary information. All of the content I made for the Google Maps team will be given to prospective clients as an illustrative example of the services offered.

Projects worked on this summer:

  • Developed an onboarding application with a team which utilized Google App Maker as well as other Google Cloud Platform services, which was immediately picked up and used by the company for internal employee data storage.
  • Analyzed current applications being developed from Google Maps APIs and gathered information to update the current slide deck and one sheeters that were previously shown to clients to make them more comprehensive and aesthetically appealing
  • Produced a video with the Google Maps team that demoed the applications that were developed and will be sent out to prospective clients as an example of what services Maven Wave can provide.

Peter Wen, University of Illinois

During my time at Maven Wave, I was lucky enough to work on a few different rotations. For my first assignment, I was a Scrum Master for an Application Development team where we were tasked to integrate the firm’s business pipeline into the Maven Wave Intranet. I was able to develop my project management skills, as well as learn what being agile is all about. I acted as a “Strategic Advisor” for a blockchain project in my next rotation. I was tasked to come up with a strategy proposal for one of Maven Wave’s key clients and it was a great chance to learn how blockchain can and is already disrupting various industries. I was very fortunate during my internship to learn about new technologies and how Maven Wave helps industries transform!

Projects worked on this summer:

  • Facilitated all sprint planning, daily standup, sprint review, and sprint retrospective sessions to prioritize stories, identify/remove impediments and plan web application deployments, resulting in a 23% increase in velocity
  • Communicated with product owners, developers, and relevant stakeholders to integrate third party APIs (Salesforce/Google Analytics) within the firm’s intranet to display forecasted pipeline and web/app traffic data
  • Delivered strategy proposal focused on leveraging blockchain technology as a new industry vertical, use casing one of Maven Wave’s high valued pharmaceutical clients
  • Researched and analyzed the firm’s top strategic clients to determine 5+ blockchain use cases within the manufacturing, telecom, pharmaceutical, and financial sectors

Zack Soenen, University of Michigan

Throughout the summer at Maven Wave, I worked on three different projects that provided me with a well-rounded internship experience. These projects allowed me to develop a range of different skills. I developed my strategic and critical thinking skills by preparing a strategic proposal for blockchain technology implementation. I was also expanded my technical skills by writing programs in javascript and python through the use of tools such as Google CloudSQL and Google Cloud Machine Learning. However, the best part about interning at Maven Wave was the people that I got to meet and work with throughout the summer and the amazing culture I was brought into!

Projects worked on this summer:

  • Performed image classification machine learning on CT scan images to predict the presence of cancerous lesions in lungs
  • Architected and implemented relational database on Google Cloud SQL for internal onboarding application
  • Prepared and delivered strategic proposal for blockchain implementation for a large pharmaceutical company

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August 1st, 2017

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