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Maven Monday: Rishi Sheth

A former mechanical engineering student, Rishi Sheth uncovered his skills as a Data Scientist shortly after graduating in 2018. In this week’s featured Maven Monday, we learn more about his career path and how he looks forward to seeing the projects he works on be implemented in real-time. Read on to hear from Rishi on why he considers himself a mental math expert and describes the office atmosphere as exuberant.

Maven Monday
Why do you think a Maven stands out in a crowd?

Some people are very sound technically, but unable to communicate problems and/or findings. Some people are the opposite. Mavens are some of the rare ones who can excel at both.

What is your first step to solving a problem or approaching a new project or challenge?

Making sure the problem at hand is well understood, and then determining what the solution will look like. Identifying a high level roadmap from beginning to end and making sure you are able to verify whether or not the approach is working, and having a tentative backup plan or two in place should the original plan fail.

How do you measure success?

By whether or not the job got done.

What do you look forward to most about your day-to-day?

The individual interactions with different people, and learning more each day. Working collaboratively in order to complete a large project productively and efficiently.

If you were a technology, which would you be?

Artificial Intelligence. Far easier said than done but if implemented correctly, the number of large scale (or small scale too) problems it could solve for mankind is limitless.

Choose one word to describe yourself.


Learn more about Rishi by watching his Maven Monday video below!

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Kaira Teschke
Kaira is the Marketing Coordinator at Maven Wave, focusing on project management, brand strategy, digital content, and event execution. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Interactive Media Studies from Miami University. Outside of work, she is interested in art, design, fashion, and music.
July 15th, 2019

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