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Maven Monday: Chris VanKula

Sitting down with Principal Chris VanKula, we learned why he often skips the technology aspect when faced with a new business challenge and how he’s a master wrangler of both data and his children. Read on to hear from Chris on why he’d include international travel in a company outing and about his work as the Marketing Analytics lead at Maven Wave.

Maven Monday
Why do you think a Maven stands out in a crowd?

Look for the talented, engaged person who is laughing and solving problems at the same time.

How do you measure success?

By the amount of time I can spend with family and friends.

What do you look forward to most about your day-to-day?

Day in and day out probably engaging with the people I sit near. Sometimes about work, sometimes chatting about other things on Friday over a beer.

If you were a technology, which would you be?

Time machine.

Why do you think digital transformation is critical in today’s world?

Efficiency. Allowing all of us to work smarter.

Choose one word to describe yourself.


Learn more about Chris by watching his Maven Monday video below!

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About the Author

Kaira Teschke
Kaira is the Marketing Coordinator at Maven Wave, focusing on project management, brand strategy, digital content, and event execution. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Interactive Media Studies from Miami University. Outside of work, she is interested in art, design, fashion, and music.
June 17th, 2019

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