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Introducing Google Workspace: G Suite Reimagined

Just when we thought Google couldn’t get any more collaborative, flexible, secure, and efficient, they innovate once again with an exciting announcement presenting Google Workspace to the world! Launching at a time when interactions are becoming increasingly digitized, with many continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future, Google Workspace delivers everything you need to get anything done, all in one place. For the enterprise, it’s a productivity and collaboration driver.

google workspace

Built with trusted Google security and powered by the cleanest cloud in the industry, Google Workspace is just that – a powerful workspace for today’s unique landscape that was designed to fuel productivity and enable enterprises to scale as they enter an all-digital future. In short, it helps to reimagine how people communicate and collaborate. Thoughtfully bringing together messaging, meetings, and tasks, Google Workspace includes all of the productivity apps over 2.6 billion users know and love, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more. 

But with beer fridges, office ping pong, and water cooler talks on hold, going to work no longer means physically going to a place. Google Workspace will help people thrive and build much-needed human connections in this new reality. At Maven Wave and Atos, we know first hand how critical transformation and connections are across teams. As a Google Premier Partner, we couldn’t be more excited to join Google in bringing their vision to life to empower businesses to collaborate more efficiently and foster relationships, no matter where people are. 

We’re proud to help introduce the world’s most modern and dynamic work-from-anywhere environment, Google Workspace. From a new brand identity to, security and privacy updates to best-in-class AI and search technology that helps you work smarter, and so much more, keep reading to get all the details.

“Google Cloud made it its mission to help businesses reimagine how they work and Google Workspace now offers a new and exciting opportunity to optimize their digital journey even further,” said Eric Grall, Chief Operating Officer at Atos. “As a leader in Digital Workplace Services, we are proud to extend our capabilities partnering with Google Cloud to help organizations be future-ready and leverage these capabilities to help people get work done, virtually or otherwise.”

New Name, New Look

With so much transforming in the world, especially how businesses work and communicate, Google reimagined G Suite to become a more simple, helpful, and flexible experience with integration and collaboration at its core. Google Workspace reflects this transformation, with bold new icons for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and their collaborative content creation tools like Docs, Sheets, Slides. 

Bright and energetic, these new icons truly represent Google Workspace’s commitment to building immersive communication and collaboration experiences, all with helpfulness from Google. Take a look for yourself, and get to know these refashioned icons! 

New Choices, New Experiences

One of the best Google Workspace features is the new choices it presents for larger enterprises. Organizations with more complex implementation needs can now take advantage of a new set of offerings to better align with their goals and transformation timelines, eliminating longer buying and deployment cycles. What’s more, Google evolved their editions to provide more tailored offerings to meet growing business demands. The new choices also present a myriad of opportunities for all businesses and their employees, as Google Workspace has the proven ability to drive ROI up to 331% from virtually anywhere around the world.

Creating a new unified user experience, Google Workspace provides new and exciting features to help companies succeed in this highly distributed and increasingly digital world. Without further ado, check them out below and get ready to experience work like never before. 

New Google Workspace features include: 

  • Linked previews: Allowing more time to get work done, linked previews enable users to preview the content of a link without leaving the original Doc, Sheet, or Slide, saving time switching between apps and tabs.
  • Smart chips in Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Now, when users @mention someone in a document, a pop-up will display details providing context and even suggest actions like sharing the document. By connecting users to relevant content and people within Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Google Workspace helps users get more done from where they already are. 
  •  Doc creation in rooms: Coming to a screen near you, without ever having to switch tabs or tools, Google Workspace will enable users to create and collaborate on a document within a room in Chat. This feature will reduce complexity and help ensure all team members have visibility into relevant project work. 
  • Meet picture-in-picture across Docs, Sheets, and Slides: At Next OnAir, Google announced bringing Meet picture-in-picture to Gmail and Chat, so users can see and hear the people they’re working with, while collaborating. In the coming months, Google will roll out Meet picture-in-picture to Docs, Sheets, and Slides, enabling users to get the benefit of those nonverbal cues that come with actually seeing someone’s face while collaborating in real time. 

Moreover, Meet integrates with Chromecast and Nest Smart Displays to provide a more enjoyable work environment, whether at the office, home, or elsewhere. 

New Security, New Privacy

As security continues to be of utmost concern with any technology, Google Workspace helps businesses easily protect the critical data that’s vital to their organization. Built on a solid foundation that includes industry-leading security trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, Google Workspace is the first major productivity suite to receive an accredited ISO/IEC 27701 certification as a data processor. This translates to customer benefits including simplified audit processes, universal privacy controls, and greater clarity around privacy-related roles and responsibilities. 

The new security features across Google Workspace facilitate safe communication and collaboration, while offering admins increased control and visibility into their organization. Google Workspace puts security first, so you can focus on cloud adoption and transformation. 

New Google Workspace security features include: 

  • New data protection insights: Proactively creating reports to help admins understand the sensitive information stored. These insights help you act on the visibility you have, providing information that can help you make more informed decisions about protecting your organization’s data.
  • New safety features: Designed to combat abuse to Meet and Chat, these features prevent abusive users from disrupting meetings and prevent similar users from joining your meetings in the future. Additional admin controls help admins stay better apprised of what’s happening in their organizations with new audit logs, identifying potentially malicious behaviors in Chat that could indicate phishing or data exfiltration.
  • New rules page: The Google Workspace admin console will feature a new rules page to centralize rule discovery, creation, and management for both Google-provided and custom rules. 
  • New Vault UI: An all-new user interface with several workflow enhancements such as text filters and side panel content navigation, making content review much faster and more convenient.

As we look forward to brighter days ahead, Google Workspace will lead the way for the world’s largest enterprises with so many new, exciting, and secure features. At the same time, this powerful solution is resilient and robust enough to get us through the most challenging of times. If you’re ready to learn more about how Google Workspace can work for your enterprise, request a free demo below.


October 7th, 2020

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