Introducing Atos OneCloud: Enabling a Cloud Forward Future for the Enterprise

Yesterday, our parent company announced Atos OneCloud, a ground-breaking initiative to modernize business with a custom cloud plan. Atos OneCloud blends cloud advisory consulting, application transformation expertise, prebuilt cloud accelerators, and innovative talents in an end-to-end set of services to help clients navigate their cloud journey securely. This new Atos service sets out to address common cloud concerns, including logistical hurdles when it comes to adopting a new network architecture for companies who aren’t cloud native.


Specifically, hybrid-cloud adoption has taken the enterprise market by storm. Many large organizations aren’t cloud-native but recognize the competitive need to adopt cloud, at least for some workloads. Gartner analysts recently reported that roughly 90% of enterprise IT firms will deploy a hybrid approach within the next two years.

But despite a clear understanding of the value proposition behind hybrid- and multi-cloud, enterprises are struggling with the logistical realities. A recent report found that nearly 70% of respondents (IT decision-makers) are experiencing a longer-than-expected hybrid cloud deployment. Almost all participating enterprises reported difficulty managing applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments, and cloud skill shortages keep nearly 70% from migrating more applications to the public cloud.

An exciting launch from Atos is addressing these all too common cloud concerns.

Introducing Atos OneCloud

Atos OneCloud will guide organizations on their journey to becoming cloud-forward, customer-centric, and future-ready through a custom, co-created Atos OneCloud Plan. Supported by an investment of €2 billion over the next 5 years, Atos OneCloud reflects our commitment to delivering environmentally responsible and result-oriented transformations across public, private and hybrid-cloud environments.

The core differentiators that Atos OneCloud delivers include: 

  • Industry-specific consultancy services to develop cloud business solutions at scale
  • Multi-cloud orchestration across private and public, and across all major public cloud providers to maximize application migration and portability, lower operational costs, and ensure cloud interoperability
  • Highly standardized and automated management framework and architecture
  • Next generation private and sovereign cloud platform, ready to be deployed and managed in any datacenter, to ease the migration to the cloud while ensuring compliance requirements are met around data sovereignty and security
  • Cloud application development and modernization / replatforming, including strong DevSecOps, allowing customers to accelerate business-critical applications’ time to market
  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to enhance business processes, create new solutions and monetize enterprise data
  • World-leading bare metal solutions (high processing capabilities servers) to support non-virtualized business critical applications adjacent to the cloud, to increase the breadth of consumable cloud services
  • World-class Cloud Edge and Far Edge solutions (local/field servers) combined with new 5G connectivity solutions ensuring secure and local processing and optimized bandwidth consumption
  • Cybersecurity supervision services, allowing to operate and respond to cloud native security controls and anticipate threats in a prescriptive vs predictive mode
  • Decarbonization offerings guaranteeing year on year carbon footprint reduction of cloud infrastructure, data and applications.

Doubling Down on Cloud

We’re proud to be part of a global organization that’s prioritizing cloud in such a comprehensive and thorough, yet actionable and approachable way. The past few months have only proven that adopting a cloud-first approach is more important than ever, as enterprises across verticals worked to quickly adapt to remote settings during lockdown. We saw this firsthand, as our rapid response teams have helped enterprises enable remote work environments, handle the demand for remote patient care, keep up with the influx of patient inquiries, and more – often speeding up weeks-long deployments to days. 

Both Maven Wave and Atos have years of real hybrid- and multi-cloud experience with leading global companies – expertise that’s now built into Atos OneCloud. And our global workforce consists of 7,000 cloud experts, 30,000 application experts, 10,000 datacenter and network experts, who hold 6,500 cloud technical certifications in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Plus, we continue to invest in cloud expertise through ongoing training and certification and our graduate training program, IGNITE.

Strengthening the Google Cloud Partnership

Maven Wave was an early entrant to the Google Cloud Partner Program years ago and has been named Google Cloud Services Partner of the Year for North America for the third consecutive year in the spring. Meanwhile, Atos took home the same award for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Atos’ enterprise-scale and proven global leadership alongside Maven Wave’s strengths in digitizing business using Google Cloud position the combined company to be the top Google Cloud services partner globally. 

That is to say, our Google Cloud partnership is a huge part of the Maven Wave and Atos story, and Atos OneCloud will only deepen our partnership with Google. In order to truly deliver on the promises of hybrid- and multi-cloud, this partnership is key.

The Maven Wave Mission

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the past year has clearly been an exciting time for the entire Maven Wave community as we joined Atos, one of the world’s largest digital transformation leaders. Atos’ acquisition of Maven Wave was so powerful because it blended both companies’ complementary strengths. Atos’s deep expertise and global platform of tech assets has allowed us to drive digital capabilities for clients at an entirely new scale and speed.

Maven Wave has been on a mission to help enterprise clients drive growth and value with digital for over a decade. That mission naturally led us to the cloud, Google Cloud specifically, and then to Atos – and now Atos OneCloud. As enterprise IT best practices shift at warp speed, especially during a challenging 2020, our mission has never been more relevant and more critical. 

Read the full announcement about Atos OneCloud here for more details. To connect with our experts to start building your cloud forward future, click here.

November 17th, 2020

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