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Innovation Challenge Spotlight: Eliminating Consumer Data Silos for Retailers

Over the past few weeks, we’ve highlighted the winners of Maven Wave’s 2021 Innovation Challenge and learned all about the exciting and unique solutions that made it to the final round. To wrap up this three-part series, we spoke with Team Riptide Masters about their winning innovation WaveView.

Innovation Challenge Spotlight: Eliminating Consumer Data Silos for Retailers

At the start of the competition, the team was “challenged to develop a client-facing dashboard that provided enterprise-wide customer insights,” according to Victoria Ronn, Management Consultant in the Application Development and Modernization COE at Maven Wave and Program Manager for Riptide Masters. To meet that challenge, the team developed WaveView — a web-based SaaS application that integrates with the retailer’s existing cloud technology and allows them to drill down into areas of interest for the purpose of making data-driven decisions more easily. 

“WaveView gives the consumer an upgraded experience and provides a powerful unified data set of the consumer’s online and offline shopping journey to the retailer so they can make more informed business decisions,” explained Rubina Umarji, Deployment Technical Lead in the Collaboration Horizontal and Project Lead for Riptide Masters.

Read on to learn more about this exciting innovation!

What was the inspiration behind the solution?

Modern consumers go through multiple channels on their path to purchase. With the changing face of the brick-and-mortar shopping experience and the banning of cookies, retailer market share and profitability depends on a retailer’s ability to understand consumer needs — and align those needs with a product offering. Market leadership also requires building long-term, recurring relationships and delivering quality products while assuring consumer satisfaction. WaveView is the solution. 

What was the most exciting part of the challenge for you? the most challenging part?

It was exhilarating to work with Mavens from a variety of different verticals — including some new team members from Visual BI and Ignite analysts — and to break away from our typical workstreams to think creatively. 

No one on our team had worked in the retail vertical before the challenge, so we had to work collectively to educate each other and overcome the learning curve associated with a new industry. This was both challenging and rewarding at the same time. 

Who do you think will benefit most from this solution?

Retailers and consumers can both benefit from this solution. 

WaveView breaks down internal silos that exist within enterprise organizations to provide retailers with comprehensive analytics. WaveView takes disparate customer data from online and in-store consumers and pulls it together in a dashboard to better understand how consumers behave across all shopping platforms. It provides in-store analytics via BLE beacons, heatmaps, and real-time app engagement with proximity marketing. 

WaveView also provides retailers with data from the in-store experience, creating an opportunity to make significant changes in their brick-and-mortar locations to optimize product placement and inventory management. WaveView will provide the consumer with tailored product recommendations, product comparisons, reviews, and ratings at the tips of their fingers. And of course, this new and immersive shopping experience delivers joy to consumers.

Congratulations to Team Riptide Masters on WaveView! And to learn more about the other 2021 finalists, check out the first two spotlights here and here.

May 13th, 2022

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