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How to Leverage Geolocation Data In Any Industry

No matter what industry you work in today, all businesses are collecting enormous amounts of customer data. Most likely, a lot of that data has a geolocation component to it. Some of the use cases for taking advantage of that data may be obvious (i.e.mobile ordering), but there are many other ways to monetize and discover value from these analytics. Below we provide three unique use cases for leveraging geo data within the enterprise.

Visualize Data to Identify Trends

Google Maps provide businesses with the ability to see their data on a digital map. Visualizing data on an interactive Google Map allows you to thoroughly analyze your stats better than ever before, allowing you to identify actionable insights. Businesses can tailor their mapping solution to fit their needs with customized filters. In the video below, we dive deeper into an example of how a hotel group is leveraging Google Maps to make better business decisions to ultimately gain more revenue through filters customized to their business.

Optimize Your Workforce

Sales territory management is a crucial element to a successful outside sales strategy. Lacking an adequate territory management plan can hinder the workforce from effectively utilizing their time. Ensuring teams have efficient territory management in place requires active communication between the workforce and managers. In the example below, we demonstrate how a cable company optimizes their mobile workforce to effectively manage their teams in real-time. Find out how this company is boosting revenue by utilizing our workforce management solution, WayPoints

Track Your Assets

Tracking your assets in real-time will supply you with insights into the profitability of your business. In the mapping solution we demo below, a logistics company took their asset data and displayed it on a Google Map to understand which assets were most efficient with their time. These insights allowed the management team to improve routes and precisely charge their customers dependent on the time a driver spent on driving. Learn more about this solution below or read the case study here.

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February 2nd, 2018

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