Google Machine Learning APIs Will Reshape the Way You Work

As we delve deeper into the age of digital transformation, machine learning has been a revolutionizing element during this technology shift. The capabilities of machine learning are achieving are exciting— yet, almost unimaginable.

Google Machine Learning

Google is a key player in machine learning technology, as the company is making major investments in the space with new APIs and the acquisition of Kaggle, one of the largest and most active communities for data scientists. “Research at Google is at the forefront of innovation in machine intelligence, with active research exploring virtually all aspects of machine learning, including deep learning and more classical algorithms” (Google). Below are some recent advancements in machine learning launched by Google that are sure to reshape the way you work and make things a little bit easier.

Classify Your Images

Google Cloud Vision API uses powerful deep-learning models to capture the content of an image to identify its classification. The classification will assign the image to certain categories (e,g, “bicycle”, “dolphin”, “flowers”), dependent on the contents within the photo. The Vision API can be used to quickly sift through photo libraries to find the image you are looking for, as well as recognize inappropriate or violent content.

Quickly Search Media Content

The Google Cloud Video Intelligence API makes video files searchable and discoverable. Now you can search every moment of every video file in your catalog to extract actionable insights. The Video Intelligence API helps you better understand the overall content of your video catalog, allowing you to search video content the same way you search text documents.   

Convert Speech to Text

The Google Cloud Speech API transcribes speech into text with the use of neutral network models. This API can transcribe over 80 languages and variants with real-time streaming to immediately convert your speech into text. The Speech API has advanced technology capable of picking up voice to properly transcribe, even in noisy environments. You can transcribe the text of users dictating to an application’s microphone, enable command-and-control through voice, transcribe audio files, among many other use cases. Try the Google Cloud Speech API here for free.

Powerful Text Analysis

The Google Cloud Natural Language API reveals the structure and meaning of text to extract information, understand sentiment, or parse intent from customer conversations. Extract actionable insights on product reception or user experience from customer conversations in email, chat, or social media by using entity detection and sentiment analysis. This machine learning technology also powers Google’s ability to find specific answers to questions in a Google search.

Accurate Translation

Translate languages accurately with the Google Cloud Translation API by simply inputting text into the API to convert the contents into a different language. If you do not know the language within the text, the Translation API will identify it for you and process the text into your chosen language. As language changes, the API is constantly updated to provide the most up to date translations.

You can expect more and more machine intelligence to be further integrated into our daily work. These APIs are just the beginning of what’s to come from Google machine learning capabilities. 

April 2nd, 2017

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