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How Google Workspace Enables Secure Access for Front-Line Workers

The modern, mobile workforce has never had it so good: the combination of cloud and internet paired with fast, intuitive, and powerful devices and applications make it possible for front-line workers to perform tasks with real-time data at hand like never before. However, these benefits are not without costs — particularly when it comes to security. The potential for misused or lost data, exposure to cyberattacks, and the challenges posed by “shadow IT” are all top security concerns that need to be addressed. Fortunately, Google Workspace can readily handle all three.

How Google Workspace Enables Secure Access for Front-Line Workers

The Top Three Security Issues for Front-Line Workers

The information world can be a dangerous place for the enterprise, and nowhere is this more true than for workers who operate outside of the “four walls” of a business. Three of the top threats that must be addressed include:

  • Data: Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and protecting it from intentional (or unintentional) misuse has become increasingly difficult when consumed and shared far beyond traditional corporate boundaries. Without proper identity access and management policies in place, the permanent loss of data is a very real risk — including intellectual property — as well as any liability that comes with the violation of other private or commercial agreements.
  • Attacks: A quick peek at the news headlines reveals the obvious: phishing and malware attacks are on the rise and becoming ever more sophisticated. Front-line workers are particularly vulnerable because 91% of attacks are initiated by a phishing email and 66% of malware is typically installed via malicious emails and attachments. 
  • Shadow IT: The rapid growth of cloud and internet-based applications and services presents a particular challenge to button-downed corporate IT environments. These new tools provide front-line workers and others with invaluable services, but they present challenges due to a lack of risk assessment measures as well as audit and other investigative abilities.

Google Workspace for Front-Line Workers

While the activities and needs of front-line workers present unique challenges to enterprise security, Google Workspace is engineered to meet the most stringent security requirements and does so in a way that doesn’t slow workers down. In fact, the increased performance and additional features can often enhance the user experience.

A central tenet of Google Workspace is zero trust. Put simply, zero-trust security is based upon who the user is (as opposed to where they are) and requires access to be gained (not granted) by each individual and piece of hardware and software. While there is an increased level of authentication required, Workspace also enables the use of single sign-on (SSO), thereby streamlining the sign-in and authentication process. Administrators gain a greater level of control and security while users are able to simplify their steps to system access.

Coupled with advanced endpoint management, this simultaneously decreases shadow IT usage and blocks 99.9% of phishing attempts, allowing front-line workers the ease of using their own devices (i.e., BYOD) in addition to company-supplied hardware. For the security team, it dramatically improves remote wipe capabilities and readily allows screen lock.

Key Features of Google Workspace

Some of the differentiating benefits of Workspace include:

  • Ease of setup for SSO and auto-provisioned to enable secure access to SaaS apps frequently used by front-line workers (e.g., DocuSign, Salesforce, Slack, etc.).
  • A unified point of management for both front-line and traditional information workers to simplify the management of the entire fleet of corporate devices.
  • The ability to activate or deactivate access in one day or less (an especially vital feature for industries with high employee turnover).

Enabling Secure Access for Your Front-Line Workers

Maven Wave can help you determine your company’s specific needs as you navigate the complicated — and often dangerous — world of data leakage, cyberattacks, and shadow IT. Our experts can tailor a specific solution to help you get started on the journey and guide you as you transition to a safer and more effective security profile. Contact us to find out how.


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