How Google Workspace Enables Enterprises to Meet Changing Worker Preferences for the Future of Work

In the future of work, “work” is no longer a physical place. In today’s ever-changing world, the workplace is a mindset and virtual space that fosters collaboration to create a healthier work-life balance. Although the pandemic caused an abrupt shift in perspective and forced virtual and hybrid professional environments to become a reality, it has exposed teams to new, innovative ways of working made possible by secure cloud-based collaboration tools like Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise.

How Google Workspace Enables Enterprises to Meet Changing Worker Preferences for the Future of Work

But as enterprises chart forward, what does the digital era worker prefer? How can companies keep up with evolving employee preferences to retain, attract, and grow happier, healthier, and more productive teams? And how can leaders safeguard their employees from feeling anxious about the future? 

While the answers to these questions may not be concrete, it boils down to three areas: communication, infrastructure, and a team’s ability to collaborate effectively. Forward-thinking organizations are laser-focused on meeting their employees’ needs to implement future-proof work models. This has forced many businesses to examine their current technology stack to build a resilient cloud workforce and ensure they continue to attract and retain top-notch talent to stay competitive. 

At the same time, leaders are listening more closely to their employees’ hopes and fears for the future. According to insights by McKinsey on the future of remote work, 45% of survey respondents fear a worse work-life balance when it comes to onsite work, while 46% say the same regarding remote work. Organizations have their work cut out when addressing these competing concerns, but with integrated tools from Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise — along with proven change management support from Maven Wave — leaders can pave the way for a highly productive and well-connected digital workforce. 

Attracting New Talent in the Future of Work

Working remotely is no longer just another perk in the same category as catered lunches and office ping pong. While the ability to work remotely may have existed at some companies before the pandemic, it’s currently a deciding factor for candidates when considering new employment opportunities. Glassdoor recently reported that search queries for remote positions have skyrocketed 460% over the last two years. 

This increase confirms that flexible, remote working environments are top of mind for future applicants. Coupled with the fact that many businesses are continuing with some form of virtual operations, prospects now have more options than ever before. Accordingly, new hires can be more selective when considering job offers. The reality is that businesses looking to attract new talent must offer — or work toward — a flexible working environment. 

With the right tools, getting in front of future hires has never been easier. Google Workspace enables a seamless virtual recruiting and hiring process, empowering organizations to fill vacant positions faster and more efficiently. From hosting interviews on Google Meet to building a seamless onboarding process with Sites and Drive, enterprises can maximize their time while strengthening their operational processes and lowering costs. 

Additionally, when searching for new talent, recruiters are no longer limited to the immediate surrounding areas. By offering virtual hybrid work models, businesses can increase their talent pool to those candidates that would otherwise be geographically restricted. Costly relocation expenses are becoming a thing of the past. 

Retaining Your Existing Workforce

The benefits of a more flexible work environment don’t stop with new hires. Many existing employees are looking to break away from traditional environments, even if they’re not behind a desk. According to a new report published by Google Workspace, more than two-thirds of employees are specifically looking to work from home at least twice a week. 

However, here is where organizational communication is critical. Employees are also anxious; they want to know what the future holds, and it’s your job to let them know. It’s also vital to ensure that anxiety does not lead to burnout. Individuals feeling anxious due to a lack of organizational communication were almost 3x more likely to report feeling burned out

Having a modern toolset to drive innovation and facilitate communication and collaboration from the front office to the frontlines to the factory floor will ultimately increase employee retention. Integrated tools such as Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise have proven their ability to boost productivity, as employees spend less time switching between apps. This powerful combination also helps enterprises to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase security — so much so that enterprises are seeing a 97% reduction in security incidents with Chrome browser. In addition, Google Workspace also integrates with other leading platforms, such as Zoom, Office, and Appsheet, to make it the superior enterprise collaboration tool. 

Weighing Your Options

The increase in employee satisfaction when using Google Workspace isn’t just speculation. When directly compared to those using Microsoft Office 365, statistics show a clear trend in overall Google Workspace satisfaction. A recent study performed by Quadrant Strategies found that 68% of those surveyed like work more as a result of Google Workspace. In addition, the data from this study shows that Google Workspace delivers a more seamless and robust mobile working experience than Office 365. A complete comparison between Google Workspace and Office 365 is available in the full report.

The ability to brainstorm and get work done in real-time from anywhere in the world also significantly drives overall employee satisfaction and retention, with 75% of Google Workspace users saying it has made their team more innovative. Not surprising is the effect Google Workspace has on the culture of those teams as well. The ease of use and implementation of any given technology can significantly impact employees’ stress and/or happiness. While not directly linked, Google Workspace users report more positive sentiments toward their employers, with more than half willing to recommend their workplace. Arguably, implementing user-friendly technology allows for a less stressful atmosphere, generally resulting in a more positive outlook.

From a cost-savings perspective, enterprises are seeing over $2.2 million in IT management and services savings with Chrome devices. In concert with Chrome Enterprise’s holistic approach to security, organizations can keep their workforces and devices safe with automatic updates and policy enforcements to protect against costly threats.

Preparing for the Future of Work

The unmatched collaboration capabilities of Google Workspace paired with the benefits of Chrome Enterprise as the foundation for new, flexible working models allows enterprises to customize and scale their teams easily and securely with little to no lapse in productivity. Whether in offices, working remote, or onsite at retail stores, factories, or hospitals, Google Workspace enables a way to work from anywhere with the same seamless and secure experience.

The bottom line is hybrid, digital work environments are here to stay, and solutions like Google Workspace are helping power both enterprises and employees across the globe to continue the journey into the future of work. Supporting your organization on this journey can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. 

With 11 Google Cloud Partner Specializations, including Cloud Migration, Security, and Enterprise Collaboration, Maven Wave can provide your organization with a more flexible, productive, and collaborative environment to meet evolving workers’ preferences with a Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise integrated environment. Our change management team will help you build a roadmap to ensure employee retention and satisfaction.

To learn more, download this free guide, “5 Ways to Accelerate Your Journey to the Future of Work” and discover how Google Workspace can support your teams — and elevate your organization.

October 18th, 2021

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