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Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir and in the Cloud with Maven Wave – Security Week

Google Next ‘20: OnAir is heating up the summer! Across the globe, attendees are logging in weekly to gain valuable insight into the industry’s hottest topics. Throughout the nine-week event, participants can take advantage of this year’s digital format by building customized playlists they can access on-demand, scheduling 1:1s with Google Cloud experts, and interacting with the latest tech during digital demos.


What’s more, those looking to enhance their skills can sign up for technical learning programs via Google Cloud’s Learning Hub and join Cloud Study Jams, where cloud architects and engineers engage in a series of hands-on labs and discussions surrounding relevant certifications.

Here at Maven Wave, our ongoing “OnAir and in the Cloud” blog series is shining a spotlight on the week’s theme with a related Q&A session, featuring one of our expert Mavens. In case you missed our infrastructure week blog, click here. For our inaugural blog that took a deep dive into productivity & collaboration week, click here.

 As we head into this week’s Next theme, Security, expect to explore how COVID-19 has undeniably made securing the enterprise more complex. Attendees will gain insight from Google Cloud customer Jason Gaedtke, CTO for Major League Baseball, and other executives, as they share how they’ve approached unique challenges in their respective industries.

While enterprises continue to leverage cloud-based platforms to support today’s evolving landscape, security is more vital than ever. For everything security related, keep reading for our Q&A with our expert Maven, Shannon Rush, Principal – Cloud Architecture at Maven Wave. 

Q: As if securing the enterprise wasn’t already an enormous feat, today’s new normal is presenting additional challenges. How is Google Cloud helping customers navigate virtual workforces and untrusted networks?

Security is more critical than ever since teams were forced into work-from-home environments.  However, it all boils down to a unique approach, based on cloud identity. The many Google Cloud tools that enterprises are embracing already have a built-in layer of security. With Google Cloud’s Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP), customers gain a single point of control for managing user access to web applications and cloud resources.

In April, Google Cloud launched its BeyondCorp Remote Access, the same SaaS platform that has been used internally by Google for years. Based on the zero-trust principles, this platform enables an organization’s employees to securely access internal applications (in the cloud or on-prem) without the need for a traditional VPN. This also deploys in days versus the lengthy time it takes to implement a conventional VPN. Furthermore, it is more than just a modern VPN replacement; it also provides admins the ability to assign and enforce policies.  

Q: Even as economies begin to reopen slowly, the number of online transactions is steadily on the rise. How does Maven Wave help e-commerce enterprises stay compliant and secure, while reducing the amount of online fraud and malicious attacks? 

Maven Wave excels at providing industry-specific solutions to combat malicious attacks and fraud schemes, especially as a crisis heightens them. The tools and services we implement help arrange the security building blocks so businesses can offer secure shopping experiences, while remaining PCI compliant. Understanding data at a deep level plays an important role in securing payment card data and remaining secure at all times. Google Cloud’s AI and ML integrations offer new retail recommendation engines, consuming large data sets to recommend better. By applying advanced cybersecurity measures, Maven Wave allows retailers the ability to maintain the integrity and privacy of customers’ data.

Q: How can Google Cloud address the rigorous security, privacy, compliance, and reporting requirements that healthcare organizations face?

A growing number of healthcare organizations are turning to Google Cloud to support telehealth services and overall digital transformation initiatives. This change in model requires layering in enough security and control to ensure that patient info remains safeguarded. Google Cloud offers a multitude of layers to address these concerns while keeping large amounts of sensitive data across disparate platforms, safe and compliant. With the Google Cloud Healthcare Data Protection Toolkit, organizations have the ability to build HIPAA, GxP, GDPR, and other relevant compliance requirements and guidelines into templates to ensure that resources are appropriately deployed from the start. 

Addressing these concerns head-on, our team recently deployed telehealth services that support HIPAA compliance through integration between Google Meet (G Suite’s video conferencing platform) and Epic for Cambridge Health Alliance. By developing this cloud-based integration, healthcare organizations can securely perform telehealth services throughout the pandemic and moving forward. This seamless, secure integration makes HIPAA-compliant telehealth simple for patients and providers alike.

Q: The future of cloud computing will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services. What are your thoughts as we approach this next chapter in security? 

The future will be more of the same – securing apps and data based on identity. Evolving tools will open up additional use cases to support the volume of enterprises that leverage cloud resources, creating a safer and more flexible environment than when only utilizing data centers.

Q: Businesses are rethinking their operational security strategies. How can businesses leverage Maven Wave’s expertise and Google Cloud Partner Security Specialization to help design these strategies? 

Data security is so paramount to businesses in today’s climate. As enterprises digitally transform, they must always keep their employee and customer data secure. This level of importance commands the highest level of experience and expertise. To obtain this Google Cloud Specialization, our team needed to prove and demonstrate our ability to design, build, migrate, deploy, test, and manage customer security solutions.

By leveraging our experience and customized approach encompassing the latest technologies and best practices, we work in tandem with clients to achieve a secure and holistic solution. Across all industries, we’ve designed and implemented a multitude of security solutions that are scalable and cost-effective, while increasing internal and external collaboration and intuitive user experience.

Maven Wave’s Suggested Sessions for Google Next OnAir Security Week:

Be sure to check back next week for the latest edition of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir and in the Cloud with Maven Wave. Week 5: Data Analytics will take a closer look at how Google Cloud empowers enterprises to accelerate their data-driven digital transformations.

To learn more about Maven Wave’s Google Cloud Premier Partnership and 10 Google Cloud Partner Specializations, click here.

August 3rd, 2020

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