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Good Things Come in Threes for Job Seekers in the Virtual Career Center

In terms of economic disruption, the COVID-19 pandemic was without precedent. It came on with remarkable swiftness, and its impact was both deep and widespread. To address the situation, bold, comprehensive, and forward-looking solutions were required. Case in point: the Virtual Career Center (VCC) that Maven Wave Partners and Google developed with the State of Rhode Island and other stakeholders. By combining the best of user experience and design (UXD), Google technology, and modern development practices, the VCC delivers the level of tools and services needed to address the crisis.

Good Things Come in Threes for Job Seekers in the Virtual Career Center

Powerful Collaboration and Insights with Google Technology

When it comes to collaboration tools and integrated cloud technologies, Google is without a peer, and the VCC makes full use of the strength of Google products and services. From the breadth and depth of services in Google Workspace (e.g., Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Meet, and more) to data storage such as BigQuery and advanced analytic tools like Cloud Talent Solution, the fully-integrated Google offerings deliver unparalleled features and functionality. This integration made it possible for the quick and effective development of needed solutions.

Stepping Into the Future for Sustainable, Perpetual Improvements

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a fast and flexible approach to development that emphasized quick wins, persistent feedback for new features and services, and an emphasis on interoperability. Traditional methods of development would have forced a choice between speed and future functionality. Developing a solution quickly and effectively required the utilization of modern development practices. This way, a strong, vibrant product could be deployed quickly without sacrificing opportunities for future growth and evolution. 

UXD is the Glue that Holds It All Together

People have come to expect digital experiences that are intuitive, fast and seamless, but creating an optimal experience takes a great deal of insight and effort. In short, it is hard work to make something easy to use.

Ultimately, UXD pulls superior technology and exceptional development practices together to create an unparalleled experience. Beginning with a look at the bigger picture with UX research and development, continuing with visual design that focuses on aesthetic appeal and usability, and culminating with UI development that delivers maximum responsiveness, efficiency and accessibility, UXD makes it possible to turn a vision into reality. If Google technology and modern development practices were “the cake,” then UXD provided “the frosting.”

The Power of Three in the VCC

The COVID-19 pandemic was unique in terms of the breadth, depth, and speed in which it affected human life and commerce. In addition to the personal toll and social disruption, the economic pain was severe. Fortunately, the development of new, cloud-based technologies in the preceding decade made it possible to respond both quickly and comprehensively to this singular event. As with most winning solutions, the success of the VCC was due in large part to the successful melding of multiple technologies and development disciplines: Google technology combined with best practices for modern application development and insightful user experience and design.

Maven Wave is transforming the way employers and job seekers connect by using modern tools and technologies. Download our white paper to discover how we leveraged the power of cloud to develop a Virtual Career Center (VCC) to assist states like Rhode Island with pandemic recovery.

September 2nd, 2021

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