Get To Know Our Founders Part III: Jeff Lee

If you know Maven Wave, by now you know that we pride ourselves on a company culture that fosters a type of talent we like to call “the X factor”. It’s something we look for and cultivate in our team members because, after all, our team is at the heart and soul of our success. It’s why we thrive on the mutual respect that we share in the halls of our Chicago HQ every day and why our partners and clients choose to work with us.

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As we shared in our previous blogs featuring Brian Farrar and Jason Lee, we believe it’s time you get to know the Co-Partners and Founders of Maven Wave, who built this company from the ground-up and look for that “X factor” each and every day. In the third and final part of our series, JSA TV host and VP of Client Strategy Dean Perrine sat down with Co-Founder and Partner Jeff Lee.

Jeff, along with Brian and his brother Jason, believes this “X factor” makes all the difference in the success of Maven Wave.

“To us talent is everything. It makes the difference between winning and losing. It is an intangible quality and it really leads to likability and magnetism and influence. We have worked very hard to build this ‘X factor’. It’s a DNA we recognize when recruiting. When you bring that ‘X factor’ to the table, clients want you to work on their projects and partners want you to work with them and deliver and sell their products. It is our number one business maker.”

Dean and Jeff speak more about this quality, as well as what other factors have made Maven Wave successful, and the progression of what it takes to get clients to the cloud and operate nimbly, safely and securely in order to remain prosperous.

Check out the video above or click here to watch Jeff’s full interview, and be sure to catch JSA interviews of Jason Lee and Brian Farrar!
December 14th, 2018

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