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Get To Know Our Founders Part II: Jason Lee

Anyone who knows Maven Wave understands our company culture and the admiration and support we have for one another. You see it in the awards we win, the work we produce, the clients we have the privilege of serving, and, of course, our collaboration, mutual respect and day-to-day fun that is witnessed every day when walking through the halls of our Chicago HQ.

CME Tech Talk

As noted in our previous blog, we believe it’s time you get to know the three Co-Partners and Founders of Maven Wave, who built this company from the ground-up and made all of this possible.

First JSA TV host Dean Perrine and VP of Client Strategy at JSA interviewed Co-Founder and Partner Brian Farrar, (in case you missed it, you can watch that interview here) but now we’d like to introduce you to Mr. Jason Lee.

Jason founded the company along with Brian and his brother, Jeff, just over ten years ago.

“If I take us back to 2008 when we founded the company a few things were apparent to us,” begins Jason. “…we knew were at the beginning of what was going to be the next revolution across IT organizations…Cloud was in its early days, data was coming into its own. And while the technology changes and solutions change, the key ingredient is to impact and effect that change within the organization.”

Dean and Jason speak in-depth about this new digital landscape that enterprises are facing, the idea behind and mission of Maven Wave, and how the company today compares to the business plan he and his co-founders drafted up in a small conference room over a decade ago.

As Jason puts it, “Disruption is happening all around us. We’re sitting in a time where startup organizations can come in like never before and take on an industry in a matter of years. You have organizations that are traditional, rich legacy organizations that have great value and rich assets, but need to totally retool themselves for this next leg of growth in the industry. So what we seek and hope to do is create the type of digital experiences these companies need to go-to-market and serve their customers and clients. That is a brand new way of thinking for a lot of these companies.”

Check out the video above or click here to watch Jason’s full interview, and be on the lookout for a video from his brother Jeff, coming soon to a Maven Wave YouTube channel near you!
December 7th, 2018

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