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Get More Out of Your G Suite Investment

It’s no question that the cloud has revolutionized business, allowing for more flexibility, collaboration, and accessibility. In the era of digital transformation, businesses are seeking to fully leverage the cloud and its advanced capabilities to stay competitive and attract top talent.

G Suite provides users with a standard set of tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) necessary for collaboration in the workplace. These tools make working in teams simple with the ability to work simultaneously from anywhere, at any time. While the platform itself is proven to enhance collaboration and accelerate innovation, organizations can extend the value of G Suite with unique integrations that will help them get the most out of working in the cloud.  

Enhancing the G Suite Experience

Organizations can maximize their cloud collaboration investment by taking advantage of the plethora of tools available in the Google Cloud ecosystem. As part of our change management methodology, we often recommend 3rd party tools and platforms to enhance the G Suite experience during the transition to the cloud and beyond. Some of these independent software vendors include:

  • Virtru
  • LumApps
  • BetterCloud
  • AODocs

Peace of Mind with Data Protection – Virtru

As companies begin their move to the cloud, keeping data secure is a top priority. One of the best features of being a G Suite user is having accessibility from anywhere, which is essential in today’s world as employees are always on the go and need to work from their mobile devices. While there are many perks, this also presents a data security concern.

Virtru allows Gmail, Drive, and mobile users to keep their emails and files protected with the flip of a switch. Companies can use Virtru to simplify compliance for current and future regulations such as, HIPAA, CJIS, and ITAR, to protect sensitive legal, HR, or finance information, and to secure intellectual property.

Virtru’s iOS and Android apps protect data before leaving your device, encrypting emails, photos, and other attachments both at rest and in transit. Your data is secure even if your device becomes compromised. Senders encrypt directly from the Virtru app, and recipients can access encrypted messages without installing software or creating new accounts. Furthermore, Virtru can detect and protect sensitive content before it leaves or enters the organization. This data loss prevention software automatically encrypts, warns users, and notifies administrators. With Virtru, employees can have peace of mind that they aren’t putting the company at risk when working remotely.

All of Your Apps In One Place – BetterCloud

During the move to the cloud, it’s important to implement a cloud management tool to cover any cracks between SaaS applications – so there is one single pane of glass into your transition to the cloud.

BetterCloud is a multi-SaaS management platform that G Suite users can leverage to centralize, orchestrate, and operationalize SaaS administration for better visibility and control. On average, BetterCloud has found that G Suite users work with five SaaS applications per day and BetterCloud helps reduce training demands by giving admins one console to work from.

Adopting the G Suite platform starts at onboarding for new employees. BetterCloud increases adoption during onboarding because their tool lets employees get to work faster by providing access to the right data and apps. During offboarding, workflows enhance security by revoking access data in seconds and handles tasks like setting autoresponders and transferring ownership of data.

Sharing Content to Foster Collaboration – LumApps

Once employees fully transition to the cloud, they’ll be familiar with G Suite’s tools, allowing them to drastically increase their team productivity. However, companies can further this kind of collaboration among employees with an intranet.

LumApps in not any ordinary intranet portal; it is G Suite’s recommended enterprise portal, connecting employees to effectively deliver the right content to the right person. LumApps can be leveraged as the central hub for news, announcements and learning resources with business applications and social communities- ultimately bringing all company information to one place. LumApps is fully integrated and synchronized with G Suite, so employees can work more efficiently, collaborate smarter, and connect with coworkers.

Additionally, all assets in G Suite can be connected to the intranet to truly enable an integrated and collaborative experience. Employees can directly link to folders and Google Docs, Google Sheets, and display Google Slides within the platform.

Simplify Business Processes – AODocs

When your business operates in the cloud, business-critical information systems should work together seamlessly and allow for data consistency across all repositories. AODocs is a great solution for integrating your systems, managing all documents, and creating more efficient workflows and processes.

AODocs is the first enterprise document management solution built for Google Drive. AODocs’ unique combination of native G Suite support and document management capabilities empowers users and IT to create powerful business applications that are quick to build and easy to use.

With AODocs, you can save on infrastructure and administration costs by deprecating file servers and legacy systems that your company will no longer need (SharePoint, Lotus Notes, etc). Additionally, businesses can operate more efficiently by providing employees with easy to use business processes. In just a few clicks you can configure a job interview process, a publication workflow for your operating procedures, or an incident reporting system.

As part of Maven Wave’s account management approach, we can ensure your organization is fully utilizing your cloud tools in the Google environment to maximize their potential, improve your business processes, and set your company up for success.

Contact Maven Wave here for more on G Suite or a full assessment on how we can help you maximize your Google Cloud investment.

February 2nd, 2018

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