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Cloud Pricing: Google Cloud Platform vs Other Cloud Providers

Cloud computing gives you the power to reduce IT costs, scale your business and allows for flexibility. But, how do you know what cloud platform is best for your business? Imagine a platform that frees you from the traditional leveraging tactics of enterprise agreements and allows you to empower teams without the rigors of one or three-year budget forecasting.

In this blog, we will review the benefits of choosing Google Cloud Platform as your cloud provider. With no upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go model, many companies are leveraging the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for the cost savings. Below we detail how GCP’s simple and flexible pricing model will support your applications and infrastructure teams.

Committed Use (Google Cloud Platform) vs Reserved Instance Pricing (Other Cloud Providers)

Google Cloud Platform Other Cloud Providers
  • Need to prebuy CPU cores and memory as a commoditized resource
  • Need to prebuy instance type for 1 or 3 years  
  • A common bucket of resources can be applied to the aggregate number of CPU cores or memory within a region
  • Discount applied to one specific instance type commonly referred to as t-shirt size
  • If upgrade is required, business is not affected by changes to instance machine type; there is no loss when upgrading resources
  • If application requirements change, instance must be can resold on a secondary market, where user will most likely take a loss/not recoup the initial investment
  • Discounts are applied to bill automatically every month
  • A time consuming forecasting is required for instance planning


Ultimately, Google Cloud Platform provides users with flexibility and automated discounts in the pricing model. On the other hand, with other cloud providers, complex planning and forecasting is necessary to plan for instance type. If there is a change in business and a different instance is needed, there is a penalization as well as a loss of investment.

To learn more about the GCP pricing, learn more here. Don’t hesitate to contact to learn more!

April 30th, 2018

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