Empowering Digital Transformation Amid a Pandemic: A Round-Up of 11 Recent Maven Wave Media Highlights

As we approach the one-year mark of when COVID-19 first hit the United States, Maven Wave and Atos continue to support enterprises in meeting their evolving business needs through digital transformation. From vital groundbreaking integrations across healthcare to critical virtual job search platforms and so much more, our team came together over the past year to empower organizations with an accelerated and strategic response to the pandemic. While the road ahead may still be a winding one, we look forward to continuing to partner with organizations on innovative solutions that support their business goals during this unprecedented time. 

From discussing remote working trends and transformations to announcing exciting partnerships and emerging technologies to meet today’s demands, here’s a look at 11 of Maven Wave’s media highlights since the onset of COVID-19.

1. COVID-19 Fuels MSP Cloud Deployments for Remote Work

Back in March, when the pandemic forced billions of companies to shift to a virtual environment, Maven Wave’s Managing Director of Infrastructure, Jason Foa, provided insight into cloud deployments for an article featured in Channel Futures. Here’s what he had to say:

“Once this health threat has passed, we believe that our clients will evaluate how prepared and effective their workforces were during this time. And in the end, this situation will accelerate workforce trends like working remotely and flexible work arrangements.

2. Google Cloud, VMware Cloud Hit Ground Running After COVID Slowed Q2

As the effects of COVID-19 started to take a toll on enterprises, Channel Futures reached out to discuss how MSPs introduced a lot of new ways to help customers navigate ongoing uncertainty. In this article, Maven Wave’s Brad Foster and Sumeet Singh had the opportunity to provide their insight. Here’s what Singh had to say:

“Google’s innovation in platform services is now becoming available anywhere and everywhere. The ability to run BigQuery on other clouds and in our data centers is going to radically open up new possibilities.”

Foster added: 

“Bringing the power of BigQuery to where data resides shows that Google is really trying to meet customers where they are.

3. Contact Tracing Apps Seem Effective, But Have Privacy Concerns

As stay-at-home orders eased, enterprises and governments turned to technology to create contact tracing apps. But, privacy issues became a concern. Because of our reputation as a developer of technology-assisted contact tracing (TACT) apps, Tech Target tapped Maven Wave’s Brian Ray, Managing Director of AI and ML, for his take:

“There’s a whole bunch of things that need to happen to keep information private. Redaction, making data points anonymous, having a control system in place, having a way to audit that process are just some of the things tech companies need to do.” 

4. Four Tech Trends Transforming the Patient Experience

Our very own Patrick Crotty, Senior Principal, Healthcare Practice, wrote this impactful article featured in Connect-World. In the piece, Crotty explored how innovative technologies are paving the way for healthcare to be consumer-friendly and personalized, improving the patient experience and giving a huge advantage to healthcare systems. From chatbots and apps to wearables and more, Crotty takes a closer look at transforming healthcare. Here’s an excerpt from the article: 

“This isn’t a futuristic dream; the innovations to make this interaction (and more) a reality exist. We’re in the middle of a tide shift that’s transforming the patient experience with the help of the technology many patients already have in their homes, wear on their  wrists, and carry in their pockets.”

5. Maven Wave Partners With Snowflake

In May, we announced a strategic partnership with Snowflake to provide customers with a fast journey to the cloud for data analytics. TFiR, the industry’s largest video platform for enterprise open source, AI/ML, security, cloud and emerging tech, covered the news with a featured article. Maven Wave’s Todd Truesdell, Managing Director, Data Analytics, shared this about the exciting news: 

“We have seen an increased demand for Snowflake due to its unique position in the market and its powerful capabilities during a time of accelerated digital transformation timelines. Snowflake’s multi-cloud flexibility allows data science teams to create scalable, resilient, serverless, and fault-tolerant data pipelines.” 

6. Cambridge Health Alliance and Maven Wave Deploy HIPAA Compliant Telehealth via Google Meet, Epic

Over the summer, IoT Evolution Health and many other outlets covered our groundbreaking integration between Google Meet and Epic to support HIPAA-compliant telehealth visits for Cambridge Health Alliance. This news couldn’t have launched at a better time as telehealth visits rapidly increased, changing healthcare forever. Here’s what Brian Herrick, MD and CIO of Cambridge Health Alliance, commented: 

“Google Meet’s functionality, flexibility and security were critical in supporting our rapid and inspiring conversion to a completely different model of care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our patients have appreciated the ability to easily connect with their care teams virtually and experience a genuine alternative to an in-person visit, while the integration to our electronic medical record saves our providers time and ensures continuity of care.”

7. Digital Transformation Projects Pick up Pace Under Pressure

In an impactful article penned by well-known tech journalist John Moore, several industry leaders provided insight into digital transformation projects and the future of innovation. In the article, Todd Truesdell, Managing Director of Data Analytics at Maven Wave, discussed how data analytics, AI, and automation are expected to play a prominent role as IT projects take on a more innovative flavor. He stated: 

“Healthcare organizations, in particular, are embracing the ‘fail fast, learn quickly’ philosophy as they develop analytics systems to understand COVID-19 data or predictions. Cloud-based analytics platforms, coupled with the minimum viable product (MVP) approach, let organizations quickly address their needs. The alternative is taking months to build business intelligence tools and data warehouses using the traditional waterfall development methodology. Healthcare customers just don’t have that time right now.” 

 8. Rhode Island Launches Virtual Career Center for its “Back to Work RI” Initiative Powered by Google Cloud

Launched in July by Rhode Island Governor Raimondo, Back to Work RI is the first and most innovative workforce development program of its kind in the U.S. 

After forming a unique multi-sector coalition, Governor Raimondo, the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT), Google Cloud, and RIPL began developing an innovative, data-driven, user-friendly online platform. Created on Google Cloud, Maven Wave built the application interface and partnered with the coalition to bring this project to life. The Virtual Career Center is expertly designed to help workers in crisis rapidly and virtually connect with new skills training and in-demand careers. To learn more about this ongoing initiative, click here

9. AI IN ACTION E125: Brian Ray, Global Data Science Lead at Maven Wave Partners

In September, AI in Action podcast – a show that explores the everyday impact of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence – featured Maven Wave’s Brian Ray in a conversation around How Data Science and Machine Learning has evolved. Keep reading to see what AI in Action had to say about Ray, and click here to listen to the podcast. 

“Brian is a big picture strategist, team builder and influential top technologist with extensive expertise in agile software operations — from engineering and architecture to hands-on integration and deployment of best-in-class solutions. Best known for taking on complex projects, Brian is respected by stakeholders in his ability to steer projects throughout its entire lifecycle. He combines a visionary approach and clear communication style with standout technical experience.”

10. Google Cloud’s Rebranded Workspace ‘A Shot Across the Bow’

In October, when the news broke that G Suite was rebranded to Google Workspace with added features to give enterprise customers everything they need to “get work done in one place,” CRN’s Donna Goodison tapped our Managing Director of Enterprise Collaboration, Trevor Wilson, for his input. This exclusive article also featured all you need to know about Google Workspace’s capabilities. When asked about his thoughts on this timely rebrand, Wilson said:

“With Google Workspace, Google is acknowledging how today’s world collaborates while putting a spotlight on enterprise needs. Rather than a suite of independent tools, this is really a workspace full of interconnected applications and tools focused on collaboration and productivity.”

11. The Future Is Now: Harrison Sonntag of ‘Maven Wave’ On How Their Technological Innovation Will Help Address The Reporting Gap

To close out 2020, Authority Magazine published an exclusive interview with Maven Wave’s Harrison Sonntag, Principal Consultant, as a part of its series about cutting-edge technological breakthroughs. Throughout this up-close-and-personal interview, Sonntag discusses his career path, family life, and a breakthrough project he’s working on in partnership with the University of Texas, Austin, to solve America’s other crisis, the opioid epidemic. When asked how this project might change the world, Sonntag commented: 

“Tackling this problem, in Texas and everywhere else, will require first and foremost closing the reporting gap. Getting better data to people who can put it to work in real-time — from those who direct funding and allocation of resources, to EMT and emergency room workers, law enforcement, substance abuse treatment and prevention experts, communities and families affected by substance abuse, and even those struggling with substance abuse themselves — will literally save lives.”

As we embrace change and enter into a new digital era, we are certain that all of the rapid innovation since the pandemic was just the beginning of bigger and bolder ways for enterprises to deliver. Every one of our Mavens contributed greatly to our accomplishments over the last year, and we thank them for their unwavering dedication to our team and clients. 

A special thanks to all of the journalists who keep the world informed on the latest tech trends. For a non-exhaustive list of publications and podcasts we consume here at Maven Wave, click here.

To learn more about how Maven Wave can accelerate your organization’s transformation, contact us today. 

February 10th, 2021

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