Employee Spotlight: Meet Matt Powers

Matt Powers serves as a Sales Engineer for the Google Maps practice at Maven Wave. Powers recently graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Economics. Prior to working at Maven Wave, Powers was part of the Enterprise Analytics Strategy team at John Deere. Powers enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and hanging out with friends in his free time. A fun fact about Powers is that he is a twin! 

Describe your position as an analyst at Maven Wave.

I work in the Google Maps practice as a Sales Engineer. I have been training on how to solve different mapping problems and researching trends in the market. For clients, I will be creating solutions within Google Maps by incorporating their data to build a mapping tool fit for their business.

As a recent graduate, what interested you in working at Maven Wave?

I liked that Maven Wave was a smaller company. I knew at Maven Wave my work would make an impact and my projects would have value. Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet the employees at Maven Wave and I felt that they would be great mentors.

Explain your role in the launch of the Google Maps practice at Maven Wave.

I have spent the majority of my time learning and getting up to speed about Google Maps and geo. I collaborated with the marketing team to establish a plan to promote our services. I regularly research Google Maps trends and became certified by Google as a developer and sales rep.

What are you most excited to work on?

With Google Maps, there are a variety of solutions to solve a problem. I’m excited to be challenged to think of creative solutions for our clients.

What are your goals for working in the Google Maps practice in the upcoming year?

Within the next year, the main goal we are striving to accomplish is to build the Google Maps practice and our expertise to the point of gaining several of our own clients and become a Google Maps Premier Partner. Additionally, I would like to be involved in a project with beacons.

We’ve been talking a lot about digital transformation and the need for companies to adapt to millennial expectations. How do you think Maven Wave has adapted to the needs of Millennials like yourself and what aspects of the culture do you enjoy most?

Digital transformation is important for companies to adapt to because Millennials are accustomed to forward-thinking technology. At work I use Google Apps on a daily basis— having Drive, video conferencing, and the ability to work on Docs, Sheets and Slides at the same time helps us work together more easily on projects. At Maven Wave, my favorite part of the culture is not having a restricting hierarchy—employees are open to everyone’s ideas, regardless of their level within the company.

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August 30th, 2016

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