Employee Spotlight: Meet Annie Castner

Annie Castner serves as a Senior Consultant for the Data Analytics practice. Castner attended the University of Notre Dame and studied Applied Math. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, tutoring for Minds Matter, reading and watching sports.

Can you describe your role as a data analytics senior consultant?

I help clients understand and derive value from their data. My projects range from migrating data from existing databases or disparate sources to a new platform, oftentimes to the Google Cloud Platform. I build data science solutions geared toward accomplishing a focused task such as: identifying churn, predicting the targeted audience for a new product, outlier detection and forecasting profit.

What is your typical day at Maven Wave like?

I spend half of my time working directly with my clients to understand their data, pain points and objectives. The other half of my time is spent working with the data – assessing model readiness, data cleansing, designing and loading tables (ETL) and developing the machine learning models.

How do you keep up with the trends in data analytics?

I read articles on machine learning and I attend talks to learn about what other industry experts are doing. I also assign myself mini projects outside of regular work, when I want to learn or improve my skills in a particular language, tool or algorithm.

What do you hope to accomplish at Maven Wave?

As a data scientist, I love to use my math background and coding experience to build and deploy models that accurately predict events. Too many times, the predictions sit unused or inaccessible; I want to help my clients operationalize that model for actionable results. With the various specializations at Maven Wave, we have the ability to incorporate a machine learning model into an app, thus enabling and empowering our clients with the direct results of a predictive model.

January 26th, 2018

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