Employee Spotlight: Kelly Coughlin

Kelly Coughlin serves as the Events Manager on the marketing team at Maven Wave. Coughlin attended Augustana College and studied Business Administration. Coughlin has several years of experience in marketing ranging from event planning, project management, association management, branding, and measuring metrics of campaigns for both professional services and financial service firms.

Can you describe your role as the Events Marketing Manager at Maven Wave?

As the Events Marketing Manager at Maven Wave, I am responsible for assisting with the event and conference strategy; this includes managing the logistics, execution, and measuring the success of each event/conference. I collaborate with our sales team to develop unique and memorable experiences for our clients and prospects. Afterwards, I evaluate the effectiveness of the event, as well as create the follow-up strategy. I am always in search of new events and conferences for Maven Wave to participate in that match our target audience!

What is your typical day at Maven Wave like?

My typical day at Maven Wave is never the same. There are new projects continually coming across my desk as we grow in numbers and continue to expand our business. On a regular basis, my tasks range from writing event specific marketing content, venue research, conference research, creating event and post-event campaigns, as well as, tracking/reporting on the success of events and conferences. 

How do you ensure an event is executed successfully?

To ensure an event is executed successfully, communication and organization is key. For each event, I create a timeline that outlines dates of when tasks need to be accomplished by all team members- this holds everyone accountable and guarantees we don’t miss anything. I always prepare for the unexpected and in the inevitable situation where something goes wrong, I have a backup plan ready to go!

What processes do you plan to implement to improve Maven Wave’s events strategy?

To improve Maven Wave’s event strategy, I plan to create event processes that will allow us to maximize our reach to prospects. While some conferences may bring in wins one year, they may not continue to provide the same value in future years. It’s important to have a year over year view to see what is working and what needs to be re-evaluated as we move forward. To evaluate each event, I plan to work closely with the sales team to understand what opportunities were brought in through each event. Additionally, I am working on developing a process to track metrics and ensure marketing dollars are being spent effectively.

What are you most excited about in your role as the Events Marketing Manager?

I’m excited to help take Maven Wave to the next level through executing top notch experiences that elevate our brand. I want to make prospects aware of us and our capabilities as a digital transformation firm. I am looking forward to working with our motivated team and strengthening our presence not only in Chicago, but nationally. Maven Wave is growing and it is an exciting time to be a part of this team- there’s sure to never be a dull moment!

March 13th, 2018

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