Employee Spotlight: Eli Ruvalcaba

Eli Ruvalcaba – Google Deployment Lead

Eli Ruvalcaba serves as the Google Deployment Lead at Maven Wave. Prior to Maven Wave, Ruvalcaba worked in the consulting practice at Slalom. Ruvalcaba attended Purdue University and St.Xavier, studying multiple disciplines before landing on Management Information Systems (MIS). One of his hobbies is DIY home automation; in fact, Eli designed, general contracted and helped build (some of) his current home.

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What does your job entail as the deployment lead for the Google team at Maven Wave?

The Deployment Lead role hits on lot of fundamental management consulting responsibilities, from designing solutions to guiding clients on critical decisions throughout an engagement. I have the opportunity to lead a team of talented Mavens on Google Cloud Platform and G Suite implementations that have a transformative impact on the way clients do business. Ultimately in my role, I’m responsible for delivering a successful end-to-end solution and ensuring the client is taking advantage of everything “going Google” has to offer.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your position?

The Deployment Lead role at Maven Wave has a bit more technical depth than my most previous role(s), so getting hands-on experience was crucial for me to get up to speed. I was fortunate to have a pretty light client load when I first started, so I was able to knock out a few technical certifications early on, which helped me tremendously. That said, it is, and will continue to be a continual learning process – which is great! Google is investing over $30 billion on the cloud and as a result the GCP and G Suite landscape constantly changes with new features and improvements.

What processes have you established that make you successful in deploying software?

With every client engagement, I establish what success looks like within three areas: People, Process, then Technology. This provides the project team high-level win objectives that are generally very relatable and hard to forget. Maven Wave embraces a similar approach and puts great emphasis (to our clients delight) on change management. If you have the hearts and minds of the people and processes to support their needs, the technology can become more than just an enabler, but a differentiator in how you do business. I could insert a few dozen industry buzzwords as to how you can go about achieving such things, but needless to say, it’s easier said than done.

What do you enjoy most about working at Maven Wave?

Quite a few things come to mind. I should start with the people that work here, top notch!  The work environment is very open and transparent. Everyone is willing to help each other out. The client base is amazing, not just because of the fortune 500 names, but also the type of work that is being done. The engagements for a Google implementation could involve helping a start-up deploy their MVP solution on Google’s highly scalable and reliable Google Cloud Platform. Or on the G Suite side, it might be taking an established company from traditional email and messaging to a truly collaborative enterprise environment that takes advantage of Team Drives and Hangout sessions on demand.

What do you hope to accomplish in your position as Deployment Lead?

I hope to increase the footprint Maven Wave has as a Premier Google Partner for all GCP and G Suite engagements. We already have a very strong reputation in the market, so the bar is set really high! I would also like build out more internal processes within the Google practice to capture all the great intellectual muscle that is flexed throughout our engagements. Having situational playbooks will allow us to more rapidly partner with our clients and further highlight our expertise to the market.

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October 25th, 2017

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