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How Chrome OS Transforms Service Delivery in 3 Industries

You don’t have to be a tech expert to see that cloud has become an essential part of daily life, from ordering dinner through Postmates to listening to your favorite artists on Spotify. And it’s no wonder: cloud is as ubiquitous as it is transformative, providing quick access to everything you need from any device.

How Chrome OS Transforms Service Delivery in 3 Industries

But cloud’s benefits don’t stop at the consumer end: with the right cloud technology provider, organizations can foster collaboration and communication between teammates while ensuring the safety and security of sensitive information. And for organizations looking to leverage the power of cloud, there’s no better option than Chrome OS.

In this post, we’ll examine the unique needs of three different industries and show how Chrome and the cloud are reinventing the way businesses serve their clients. Read on to learn more!

Retail: Reinventing the Customer Experience

As mentioned above, cloud technology has fundamentally changed the way many businesses engage with their customers — and retailers are no exception. (Consider the number of retailers that now prompt you to download their mobile app.) In other words, the bar has been raised, and customers now expect a fast, easy-to-use, mobile option when shopping at home.

Ironically, this raised expectation isn’t exclusive to the customer. After all, every retail worker is also, in some way or another, a retail consumer. This means the streamlined experience your employees have when making purchases off the clock has raised their expectations of the tools they use when they’re on the clock. And if the available tools meet those standards, it can go a long way towards improving customer satisfaction. In fact, 69% of US consumers say good customer service makes them more loyal to a brand.

For these reasons, brick-and-mortar retailers need scalable and secure cloud-first endpoints to stay ahead by anticipating customer needs and streamlining technology and operations.

Case Study

A large eyewear brand with multiple locations worldwide turned to Chrome in an effort to improve the customer (and associate) experience. The company’s prime directive is to remove the headache out of shopping for glasses and make the overall experience more enjoyable. To help achieve this goal, the company’s IT team centrally manages 300 Chromeboxes from the Google Admin console, which lifts a significant tech burden off store associates and allows them to focus on providing great customer service. Furthermore, thanks to Chrome Enterprise and Chrome OS, new store openings are quick and easy, too.

Financial Services: Accessibility and Security From Any Location

Much like retail, financial services have also undergone a dramatic change within the past decade — specifically, when it comes to how customers access their account information. From major, multinational enterprises to small-town community banks, you’d be hard-pressed to find a financial service firm that doesn’t allow customers to access their financial information from a secure mobile app, which is possible thanks to the power of the cloud.

That said, when handling sensitive financial information (e.g., bank statements, account numbers, etc.), it’s absolutely critical that the platform employees use offers the very best security features available. Fortunately, Chrome ensures employees (and customers) can easily access accounts and banking information in a safe, secure digital environment at any time, from anywhere.

Case Study

For many businesses, COVID-19 threw them a major curveball. When the pandemic struck, the major consumer financial services firm had to lift and shift its entire contact center to the cloud. Before the pandemic, the entity was firmly reliant on desktops, which thousands of frontline staff had no way to access customer data safely and securely.

Fortunately, the firm quickly navigated this dilemma by choosing Chromebooks. Using the Google Admin console, the company’s remote IT team was able to set up thousands of devices in record time with managed guest sessions, connecting employees to every tool they need to do their jobs. 

Healthcare: Alleviating Physician Burnout

Finally, let’s take a look at healthcare. Historically, the healthcare industry has been slow to adapt to changing technologies, due in no small part to the critical nature and complexity of the work — as well as the significant consequences a service disruption might have. After all, providers are responsible for their patient’s health and quality of life, so it’s understandable that many tread lightly.

However, cloud adoption may be the exception to the rule.

Perhaps that’s because of the rise in cloud adoption in our personal lives and has demonstrated the potential value of cloud at work. Or, maybe it’s because patients are more digitally savvy these days, which means they expect on-demand, personalized service. As a result, digital and mobile care strategies (i.e., telehealth) are no longer considered a “nice to have,” but a “must-have.” It could also be in response to increased rates of provider burnout. As of 2021, 61% of physicians report feelings of burnout, which means their technology should aid patient care — not hinder it.

Most likely, all of the aforementioned reasons are major factors driving this change. Furthermore, growing concerns about cybersecurity and the risk of exposing patient information are driving healthcare providers to seek secure solutions that minimize risk.

As a best-in-class service, Chrome provides an unbeatable cloud solution for healthcare providers by:

  • giving providers faster access to clinical information, which allows them to focus more on the patient and less on the computer screen. 
  • reducing operational costs by streamlining IT management.
  • providing healthcare workers with top-notch security.

Case Study

A large-scale hospital system based in the United States recently leveraged Chrome OS to foster better collaboration and communication between 2,000 employees, many of whom are mobile healthcare workers. The organization equipped all employees with Chrome and Google Workspace, providing employees with secure access to critical clinical applications and patient data. In addition to improving the overall patient experience, the organization saw a significant cost reduction as a result of the initial move.

Chrome OS places the power of cloud directly into the hands of employees and consumers alike, pulling organizations into the future of business. No matter what industry you’re in, your team can expect the following benefits when using Chrome:

  • multi-layered security (e.g., comprehensive AI-driven threat detection, auto-updates, verified boot, and the ability to disable lost or stolen devices)
  • simple sharing and management
  • increased employee productivity
  • lower operational costs
  • automatic updates
  • customer data and insights

If you’re ready to leverage the power of cloud with Chrome OS, Maven Wave can lead you on your journey. To learn more about how Maven Wave can help your organization get the most out of Chrome, contact us.


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December 15th, 2021

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