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Chrome OS and the Future of Work for Healthcare

Atos and Maven Wave bring healthcare enterprises into the future with Chrome OS and Google Workspace tools.

In this digital-first era, the best technology allows healthcare systems to increase collaboration among provider teams and deliver safer care, all of which yield better patient outcomes. There’s just one problem: current technology used by healthcare practices and systems often doesn’t support these goals.

Chrome OS and the Future of Work for Healthcare

That’s because healthcare data is rarely organized in a way that allows teams to access it and use it for the patient benefit. Usually, data falls into silos — with unstructured patient notes and records captured in disparate sources — making unification difficult. However, with the right tools, these records and data can be used and shared across the entire system, including outside of the healthcare system’s physical location.

Solving the Disparate Data Challenge

In response to this pervasive issue, Maven Wave / Atos developed the Future of Work, a powerful solution that unifies care teams like never before — and can be customized for any healthcare setting.

Future of Work combines the ease of using Google Workspace with the security and efficiency of Chrome OS. That means providers have the advantage of already knowing how to use these tools, which simplifies the implementation and transition. That also means less training time and more clinical care time.

Supporting Economic Efficiency

Combining Google Workspace and Chrome OS leads to lower overall expenses, as the marriage of these systems costs less than other operating systems. Chrome-powered devices paired with Google Workspace provide a greater return on investment and better positions healthcare systems to continue innovating into the future. With that savings, healthcare systems can use their resources to focus on patient care and experience — or other initiatives.

Securing Protected Health Information

There’s another advantage, though. Ransomware attacks are on the rise, putting protected health information at risk. Security issues are top of mind with any information technology system. Not only must healthcare enterprises follow HIPAA regulations, but if the protected data gets into the wrong hands or is held for ransom, the remediation costs are exorbitant and care could grind to a standstill.

Fortunately, Chrome OS and Google Workspace reduce the risk of a data breach by over 95%, with built-in security, granular policy controls, automatic updates, and multi-layered defenses.

Atos and Maven Wave have demonstrated their expertise in building solutions like Future of Work — solutions that propel healthcare providers and their IT tools into the new era of care delivery. We are Google Cloud Partners with a specialization in Enterprise Collaboration. As client partners in every step of the journey, from initial transformation to ongoing support and engagement, healthcare systems can rely on that expertise and never have to go it alone.

To learn more about our Future of Work solution, click here to connect with one of our experts.


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May 5th, 2022

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