Celebrating Our Female Mavens on International Women’s Day

On Monday, we kicked off International Women’s Week with a very special #MavenMonday featuring Senior Director of Marketing, Jessica Wesley. In the feature, Jessica shared what drives her all-female team and the successful strategy behind the company’s increased brand exposure, allowing Maven Wave to be a threat to the status quo consulting firms out there.

Today, on International Women’s Day, we are excited to feature several other incredible female Mavens who help us achieve this year’s theme of #BalancedforBetter and are driving company-wide success through gender balance in the workplace. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity today and every day to showcase these fearless women who have broken down the barriers that women in tech and consulting face on a daily basis.

Speaking of breaking down barriers, when Senior Principal Consultant Anupam Kaur was asked what drew her to this male-dominated industry, her response spoke volumes:

Anupam: When I was doing my engineering in India, I was among 8 girls in a class of 110, and I never felt that any of the 8 were any less capable or qualified than the rest of 102 male students. The only thing that matters is the confidence in your abilities and a deep appreciation for learning and improving.

This confidence and hunger is a huge part of the “x-factor” we look for in our recruiting. In fact, we are proud to announce that Maven Wave was able to reach a new high of female hires in 2018! Coming into this new year, the recruiting team spent a great deal of time planning our strategy for women-focused hiring so we can top that number in 2019. Leading this charge is none other than Talent Acquisition Manager, Amber Bouchard, who has this inspiring advice to share:

Amber: To women who want to break into tech: This your time! Every company is making strides to bring women into their workplace because we recognize the value that females add: perspective, creative thinking, problem-solving, passion, empathy, etc. Most importantly, don’t ever feel like you have to downplay your femininity just because you are in a man’s industry. Your gender does NOT define the impact you can make; in fact, those characteristics are exactly what makes you unique. You put on those heels and you walk into that (male) industry with confidence because we, as women, can wear lipstick and have a brain at the same time!

Although incredibly inspiring, this idea can be especially daunting in terms of high profile roles within a company. Take the role of in-house legal counsel, Heidi Groulx, for example:

Heidi: I am a department of one, so I have to make many decisions on my own. I love the autonomy and accountability, but sometimes it is terrifying! The leadership team here is [already] very knowledgeable about legal issues. That said, they are very respectful of my expertise and although they are all male, I don’t feel like I am treated differently because I am female.

While at some organizations, women in certain positions may face barriers in terms of being taken seriously in the workplace, other roles commonly held by women may face a different type of barrier: stereotypes. Take it from Human Resources Manager, Amanda Tran:

Amanda: My role isn’t new to any organization, but I’m passionate about making a positive impact. It’s easy to be stereotyped in HR – especially as a woman in HR – but what I’ve learned is to be genuine, refreshing, and sometimes surprising. I am a firm believer in individuality and showing your contributions that set you apart, but also in being aware enough to know how to work with others.

And on this topic of working with others, it is our company-wide belief that when women support women, incredible things will happen. When we rally the expertise of one woman with the creative thinking of the next, strides will be made.
We couldn’t have said it better than CloudCare Service Designer, Amy Furrow.

Amy: Working at a large company early in my career allowed me the opportunity to meet women who were the best and brightest in their field. Everyone has something to teach you if you have the time to listen. Together, we built an amazing community of Women Allies within our company and to this day, they are the most impactful relationships of my career. I’m excited to recreate that experience at Maven Wave, with another group of equally talented humans, as we grow our Women at Maven Wave community.

So in reflection of this monumental day for women, what do our Mavens truly think when they hear International Women’s Day?

Anupam: It’s about recognizing women as equals and successful contributors to society. It is about bringing awareness to women’s invaluable contributions in more than just the news or TED Talks, but in everyday life – from managing a home, family, and children all while shaping the corporate workplace. It is a reminder for us women to feel empowered to not sit back and accept prejudices as a norm. It is important for women to have confidence in their abilities and to be able to speak up and stand up for what they believe in while mentoring others in their own journeys.

Amber: When I hear “International Women’s Day,” I think of the impact and achievements of women across the world. From mothers to CEOs, all successful women in the world deserve a day of celebration!

Heidi: It’s a celebration of women and recognition of the evolution of women’s rights.

Amanda: International Women’s Day makes me think of the celebration of the contributions and impact women have in our world.

Amy: I feel proud to be a part of a movement which shines a light on issues impacting Women everywhere.

So what can we do as a company and a society to continue empowering these women and all future women aspiring to work in tech?

According to a 2016 study by the Harvard Business Review, if there’s only one woman in the candidate pool, there’s statistically no chance she’ll be hired. So our takeaway point is this – we all want systems that are fair and #BalancedforBetter, so let’s consider how to make them balanced for everyone – not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.

Maven Wave values diversity and inclusion. Are you interested in joining the team? Check out our open job postings here.

March 8th, 2019

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