Breaking the Mold in Financial Services: Northern Trust and Data Analytics

As with many companies in the financial services space, the customer experience is central to success at Northern Trust. As such, the company’s recent efforts to embrace emerging opportunities in data analytics underscore the fundamental principles that have guided Northern Trust for over 130 years.

During a breakout session at Google Next 2019, Mary Beth LoVerdi, Senior Vice President & Manager of Product Development at Northern Trust, and Brad Foster, Partner at Maven Wave, detailed recent successful efforts to utilize the best of modern data analytics practices in ways that produce enhanced customer service and experiences.

By focusing on breaking down the barriers between previously siloed data sources, the team was able to provide more timely insights to the Northern Trust relationship managers in a way that enabled them to deliver better outcomes to their clients. At the same time, by focusing on best practices in the delivery of cloud services, the team was able to maintain or improve data security standards and, ultimately, set the foundation for increased improvements down the road.

In this video from their Google Next breakout session, LoVerdi and Foster describe the scope of the project that Northern Trust and Maven Wave delivered, the key metrics used to describe success, and some of the exciting new opportunities available as the program continues.

Maven Wave helps leading companies make the shift to digital with solutions that are agile, rooted in analytics, and built in the cloud. Our progressive approach to modernizing data delivers value, even in the earliest stages of the project lifecycle. We use an agile approach to deliver data and insights in a prioritized fashion. This approach helps justify a shift to modern platforms and keeps the business engaged and invested in a transformational change. Contact us now to discuss your data analytics strategy.

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Andrew Dunmore
Andrew Dunmore
With over 15 years of solution delivery experience, Andrew Dunmore leads the financial services consulting practice at Maven Wave. Mr. Dunmore is one of Maven Wave’s thought leaders in capital markets innovation and delivery excellence. Prior to Maven Wave, Mr. Dunmore served as a Vice President at Bank of America in their global private equity investment office and an Assistant Vice President at LaSalle Bank in their credit derivatives servicing division.
May 2nd, 2019

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