Ask The Expert: Reveal

The demand to leverage video as a communication tool in the workplace is drastically increasing with countless use cases ranging from executive briefings to employee training sessions. Video can be used as a tool to internally communicate with employees in an easy and engaging format.


enterprise video In fact, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or articles (Forrester). Maven Wave’s Reveal provides an enterprise video platform with enterprise-level security and reporting. In this Ask the Expert interview, we dive deeper into the benefits of Reveal for the enterprise with product expert, Lars Feste.

Describe what Reveal is:

Reveal is an enterprise video platform that provides a familiar video streaming experience combined with enterprise-level security, content management, and analytics. The platform features content management capabilities to assign video permissions to users or groups and the ability to create approval workflows. It also has in-depth analytics capabilities, so admins can see which videos are being watched the most or analyze the viewing behaviors within a specific video.

Explain your role in creating Reveal:

Our product and development team utilizes agile methodology. In my role as the Scrum Master, I communicate with our team of full-time developers on a daily basis, as well as Reveal’s product owners. It’s my job to ensure that the development team is up to date on information from our clients, as well as manage the team’s focus on development areas.

Why did Maven Wave create Reveal?

The way people absorb information is moving toward watching videos, however, there are not many solutions on the market that allow companies to share content privately, control the content with workflow approvals, and analyze the viewing behavior for each individual employee or video. Customers wanted a “YouTube for the enterprise”, but it didn’t exist. The team at Maven Wave saw an opportunity to leverage our premier partnership with Google Cloud to develop Reveal, and address the gap in the market.

Who can benefit from this product?

All companies can benefit from implementing Reveal for various use cases such as training, standard operating procedures, corporate communications, product updates, and marketing messages. The application is extremely easy to use and requires no training. Anyone in the company can easily upload and view videos for their specific intent.

Explain what technology Reveal was built on:

Reveal leverages Google Drive for video storage, G Suite for user and group management, and the Google Cloud Platform for application data, analytics, and global website scale. Google App Engine is where the core application logic is built, Datastore holds the application metadata, and BigQuery stores all the analytical data. Because Reveal is built on the Google Cloud, it is scalable, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Can you describe the main features of Reveal?

The core features of Reveal are the ability to upload, view, and search for videos. Reveal also allows users to customize the application in ways that are specific to their organization. Users can create custom channels with metadata and assigned permissions. Defined workflows allow users to control what content is published on each channel and who is able to view it. Uploading videos is made easy with the ability to drag and drop files and select poster images. Finally, Reveal is built with a fully responsive design, which provides a great user experience for all features whether on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What the difference between Reveal and other streaming platforms, such as YouTube?

The main difference that sets Reveal apart from other video platforms is its ability to control content through workflows, assign granular video permissions and track analytics at a user and video level. YouTube is tailored for the consumer experience with the option to create private channels, however, they are limited to 50 users and there is an inability to control who the content is shared with. With Reveal’s tight security controls, organizations can safely share content across the company.

What can we see in the future from Reveal (any new features)?

The Reveal team at Maven Wave is working to improve the application to meet market demands. User experience enhancements, such as the ability to share videos within Salesforce and Google+ communities, follow channels, show suggested and trending videos, and tag videos to enhance search capabilities are in the backlog. Additionally, the team plans to implement Google’s Video Intelligence API,which makes videos easily searchable and discoverable by extracting metadata from the video itself.

We are also in the planning phases for incorporating the ability to perform live broadcasts. The growing use of YouTube Live clearly shows that users desire live streaming, however, YouTube Live has security gaps and displays ads which makes it non-viable for corporate use.

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April 27th, 2017

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