Ask the Expert: Technology and Healthcare

In this Ask the Expert, we sat down with our healthcare technology expert, Patrick Crotty. Below we dive deeper into how healthcare firms are integrating technology solutions to improve their business efficiencies and provide better care to their patients.

Chrome OS and the Future of Work for Healthcare

How can moving to the cloud help healthcare organizations?

It depends on the segment of healthcare, as well as where the client is at in their cloud journey. Yet, we consistently see common themes emerge, such as the need for collaboration, scale and security. The most encouraging trend for most organizations is a desire to unshackle themselves from the old paradigm. In other words, they are looking for cloud solutions that work to compliment their efforts instead of accepting the conventional notion of business, i.e. behind a desk. 

Where do you see low hanging fruit for providers?

It is very encouraging to see the progress being made within the senior living sector of healthcare. The sheer demand is forcing a sea change, which is being accelerated when leaders from other industries are being brought into the senior living sector, which allows for the field to have a fresh and objective perspective on how to improve. Nearly every provider is grappling with two primary challenges: occupancy rates and staff retention. Google is positioned extraordinarily well to help make changes in senior living healthcare. Providers have a tremendous amount of data that can be utilized to predict change in care and at a minimum, identify when to double down on sales and marketing efforts. We also believe Google has the potential to completely redefine the experience for residents in senior living by having the ability to offer them greater independence and tools to remain connected.

Artificial intelligence, is it real or just hype?

Both. You can generally arrive at your answer depending on how you define success. Therefore, it is incredibly important to take a measured approach with any machine learning engagement. For example, healthcare providers that are pragmatic and have realistic objectives will typically yield a clear result from integrating ML into their company. On the flip side, those trying to boil the ocean through ML initiatives will become frustrated and also lose leadership support. Sign up for our ML workshop to learn about our ML offerings.

What are some exciting solutions that might surprise the healthcare community?

Google Maps has a vast arsenal of APIs to efficiently deploy clinicians in the field. Maven Wave has developed a number of solutions to manage real-time supply and demand to combat the challenges faced by clinicians and managers in healthcare. With Google Maps, you can drive greater profitability to maximize volume distribution within disciplines, e.g. PT versus a PTA. Our Google Maps overlay can instantly redeploy resources given a traffic jam or last minute cancellation. This is a key feature to understand top line and bottom line performance. Even more importantly, this reduces the traditional administrative burdens for field clinicians.

What do you expect to see in healthcare over the next decade?

I think we are only scratching the surface in what will be a period of healthy disruption. Technology will reshape the entire landscape – how we provide care, where it is offered and the quality in which it is delivered. This will inevitably force organizations to be self-reflective and understand how to position themselves for the future. Innovation can no longer be a stand-alone endeavor; it needs to be a critical element in the DNA of every organization. This begins with the right leadership in place, but you also need to have the right environment to encourage collaboration. Most importantly, there needs to be a willingness to accept failure, adjust as necessary and remain focused on the mission.

Why do you think Maven Wave can help healthcare providers?

I’m sure one can argue I have an inherent bias, right? That aside, I think Maven Wave is uniquely positioned. We have the same depth and expertise as a niche boutique firm, while also having the same consulting pedigree as the larger GSIs. This gives us the ability to remain nimble and engage more intimately with our clients. We also offer wide-ranging solutions from experience design to offshore development. Our teams are creative and deeply committed when it comes to solving the biggest healthcare challenges! Contact us here to learn more.

May 30th, 2018

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