Ask the Expert: Enterprise Document Management with AODocs

In this Ask the Expert interview, we sat down with Stéphane Donzé, Founder & CEO of AODocs, to learn more about the AODocs platform and how companies are using it for enterprise document management.

Describe the AODocs platform and how businesses utilize it.

AODocs is a user-friendly enterprise document management solution. Built on top of G suite, AODocs allows companies to manage their documents and build human-friendly business applications, while also ensuring security and compliance. AODocs provides solutions for all industries and departments. Our most popular use cases involve quality control, operating procedures, document retention, and process automation for HR, finance, and more.

How does AODocs help to ensure compliance for companies?

When dealing with compliance, there are two important factors to take into consideration:

1) You need to make sure you put processes in place that avoid human errors. Employees need easy access to the latest version of documents; they should not have access, even accidentally, to any unapproved versions of documents.

2) You need accountability; this means your company needs to record everything that happens. You need to be able to explain why a document is stored in a certain place, who can access the document, and why certain people have access to it.

AODocs helps ensure compliance in both of these areas, as it provides a secure document repository, automation of sharing permissions, and a comprehensive audit trail.

Can you explain how the GDPR regulation affects US companies and how AODocs might help to mitigate some of the related challenges?

GDPR is about individuals, not countries. Even if you primarily only do business within the US, your website is likely collecting the personal information of people in the EU. Translation: US companies definitely must comply with GDPR. Companies must control precisely where and how this information is stored because the people from whom you collect data can ask you to update or even to delete it completely. You’ll be subject to heavy fines if you don’t comply with their requests. Companies can use AODocs to help ensure GDPR compliance by centralizing their documents containing personal information in a secure repository, and using AODocs’ workflow processes to track all requests to access, update, and delete personal information from EU citizens.

Explain how companies can leverage AODocs as an enterprise content management tool and the benefits associated with the G Suite integration.

The combination of G Suite and AODocs is very powerful. G Suite radically improves efficiency and collaboration when creating and editing documents. AODocs is the only enterprise document management platform built for G Suite, preserving the ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and agility of Google Drive. We allow companies to manage their documents and build secure business applications, without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience. With AODocs, you can have a frozen public version of a document that all employees can access, while still having the ability to edit it in the background and publish the new version when it’s ready. Even Google uses AODocs for their enterprise content management.

What is a simple workflow or business process that has been improved with AODocs?

Workflows go beyond just approving a document. One example of a workflow that has been improved with AODocs is employe onboarding. At many companies, new employees must go through multiple trainings and certifications before beginning a job. With AODocs, HR departments can track this entire processes, guiding employees through their onboarding and alerting HR when everything is complete. AODocs saves companies a lot of time and money by automating these workflows, and also provides an efficient, easy-to-use solution for the employee or end user.

You are coming out with AOBox a new product that allows companies to share documents with non-Google users, tell us more about how that works.

There is a security risk when companies share G Suite document links with non-Google users. These links can be easily forwarded to other people, and the company who shared the file has no way of knowing who has used the link.

We have created a separate portal for companies to use when they want to share documents with people who are not currently using G Suite. The non-Google user can have access to a G Suite file by logging into the AOBox  portal with their Office 365, Windows Live, LinkedIn, or Facebook account. AOBox provides a secure way of sharing documents with people who are not on G Suite, without creating duplicates by uploading the file to Dropbox or other file sharing systems.

How do AODocs and Maven Wave work together?

Google service partners, like Maven Wave, advise customers on how to best leverage the G Suite platform. Moving to G Suite is a complete digital transformation and Maven Wave’s architects are in a perfect position to advise their clients not only on email and collaboration, but also more broadly on how to improve business processes. Maven Wave understands how AODocs can take their clients’ document management to the next level. Our solution enhances the digital transformation journey by improving workflows and keeping documents secure and organized.

AODocs is one of Maven Wave’s top trusted ISV partners. Learn more about the AODocs platform by visiting their website.

March 27th, 2018

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