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9 of the Most Exciting New Google Cloud Developments for Enterprises

It’s safe to say that it’s been a busy and exciting time for both Google Cloud and Maven Wave over the past few months. Earlier this year, Maven Wave was recognized as the 2017 Google Cloud North America Services Partner of the Year during Google Cloud Next ’18 (in addition to our other recent news and awards). At that same event, Google Cloud announced several product and solution launches (105 to be exact). Since then, Google Cloud has continued to roll out new enterprise-focused technologies.

We’ve compiled three of the top, enterprise-centric recent Google Cloud developments for each of our three main practice areas – cloud infrastructure; apps, data & machine learning; and collaboration. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have the privilege of leveraging these game-changing launches as part of the solutions we create for our clients. And of course, the pipeline of innovation never slows with Google Cloud, so 2019 is sure to bring us another list!

Cloud Infrastructure

  1. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) On-Prem: Recently released in Alpha, this Google-configured version of Kubernetes lays the groundwork for hybrid computing, allowing enterprises to run Kubernetes clusters and get the GKE experience directly in their data centers, efficiently and securely. GKE On-Prem with multi-cluster management can be deployed in other clouds or on-premise.
  2. Resource-based pricing for Compute Engine: Another Google Cloud Next ’18 announcement, this new calculation method aggregates all vCPUs and memory resources to help enterprises save more.
  3. Stackdriver Service Monitoring: See how end users are experiencing your systems with these new views for Stackdriver, Google Cloud’s monitoring and management tools suite. The added views include a real-time service graph of your entire environment, SLO monitoring, and a service dashboard.

Apps, Data & Machine Learning

  1. Cloud AutoML Vision, AutoML Natural Language and AutoML Translation: Powerful ML models that can be extended to suit specific needs, without requiring any specialized knowledge in machine learning or coding. All currently in beta.
  2. BigQuery ML: A new capability that allows data analysts and data scientists to easily build machine learning models directly from BigQuery with simple SQL commands, making machine learning more accessible to all. Currently in beta.
  3. Google Cloud Search with Third-Party Connectivity: Cloud Search (which has been an incredible time saver for enterprises) was introduced in 2017, and this summer, Google Cloud expanded it with third-party indexing. Whether your data is housed in the cloud or on-premise, Cloud Search can now index it beyond G Suite.


  1. New Gmail: You’ve probably noticed the new features if you use Gmail – they include snooze, native offline access, redesigned security warnings and Smart Compose, which allows you to autocomplete emails by filling in common phrases.
  2. Data Regions for G Suite: This new development allows users to decide where to store their primary data for certain G Suite apps. Currently available for G Suite Business and Enterprise customers.
  3. New Investigation Tool in the Security Center: Allows admins to pinpoint potentially infected users, revoke access to Drive files, see whether anything has been shared externally and more.

Interested in learning how these developments could help your enterprise? Reach out to us.

December 11th, 2018

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