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4 Tips for Recruiting Teams to Create Impactful Virtual Hiring Experiences with Google Workspace

As we have grown accustomed to our new normal, we find ourselves relying on all things digital – whether it be remote learning for our children, streaming movies with our family, or interacting with our digital workplace in ways we never have.

With this shift to digital, some businesses are simply focused on surviving, while others are finding creative ways to use digital tools to bring a sense of humanity within and outside their organizations. 

Remote Work - G Suite - Recruiting

At Maven Wave, we find ourselves in a unique role to serve, educate, and enable organizations across the globe with the power of G Suite. When looking at companies that have adopted G Suite, we see a tremendous amount of positive change, whether that’s people being more productive, having a positive impact on their ecosystem, or just enjoying work more. 

But in addition to enabling other organizations, our Mavens are also finding new, creative ways to leverage G Suite to better enable our internal processes in an effort to remain personal, impactful, and productive while working remotely.

One of the core elements of our business that used to rely on face-to-face communication is recruiting the best talent. Thanks to G Suite, we’re able to facilitate collaboration between our recruiting team while enhancing the hiring experience for candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters. 

Here are our top 4 tips to create impactful virtual hiring experiences – all based on our own experiences. 

#1: Maintain Great Initial Interviews with Google Meet

With Google Meet, the Maven Wave recruiting team is able to conduct initial interviews to effectively evaluate a candidate’s technical depth and cultural fit. Although there is no true replacement for meeting a candidate face-to-face, we know that first-round on-site interviews can be expensive and time-consuming. This virtual approach can significantly reduce that cost and expedite overall recruitment time to hire.

#2: Greet Candidates “At The Door” 

This increase in productivity doesn’t mean we’re taking the personality out of the experience. At Maven Wave, we are still greeting candidates “at the door” by joining the candidate on Google Meet before their virtual interview starts. This is where we get to be a little more creative in how we are setting up our candidates for success in their virtual interview.

Our recruiters will use that initial meet-and-greet “at the door” to say hello, get the candidate prepped for their interview, answer any questions, and, where applicable, instruct candidates on how to present the interview exercise or presentation they have been asked to complete.

But the personal touch doesn’t end there. That same recruiter that greeted the candidate “at the door” will rejoin at the end to wrap up the interview and answer any additional questions that the candidate may have.

#3: Collect Interviewer Feedback Collaboratively 

We’ve made it a priority to then collect interviewer feedback in a collaborative way so that we can communicate with our candidates in a timely manner and fill positions more effectively. Using Google Sheets, we’ve created candidate interview workbooks that allow recruiters to share their first conversation notes with the team to provide their feedback post-interview, while hiring managers make suggestions for next steps. 

All of these workbooks are then hosted within Google Team Drive so that we can revisit candidates and their feedback at any time. Likewise, we collect candidate feedback via Google Forms, which allows us to better understand what’s working as well as areas for improvement.

#4: Host Virtual Meet-and-Greets For New Hires

You may be wondering how we maintain this experience once the interviewee is hired.

From an HR and onboarding perspective, our team is focused on creating a supportive environment with engaged colleagues. We conduct new hire orientation, coordinate introductions for new hires to their team, host IT support meetings, and schedule one-on-one time with managers and partners, all virtually. We have high-touch engagements to ensure a welcoming and collaborative new hire experience. 

At Maven Wave, it’s no secret that we pride ourselves on our culture, so employee engagement during this time is of utmost priority. While we may be working separately, we are working to ensure our Mavens and prospective new hires feel more connected than ever.

For more examples and insights from our experts, check out the recruiting demo below from our recent webinar, How G Suite Empowers Remote Productivity Across Roles.

To enable teams to connect, work, and socialize securely from home, Google Cloud has recently launched G Suite Essentials for free through the end of September, which includes access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. Maven Wave can get you up-and-running with G Suite Essentials in as little as a week. Contact us now to get started.
May 15th, 2020

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