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4 Key Anthos Attributes that Contribute to 4.8x ROI for the Enterprise

In a groundbreaking new report, Forrester projects that enterprises can enjoy a staggering nearly five times increase in return on investment by deploying Anthos. Consider the myriad implications for the enterprise with what is akin to new capital infusion. In the ultimate one-two punch, Anthos saves bottom-line costs while increasing top-line revenue.

Many enterprises have been using siloed IT environments, which meant that they “misspent time for valuable technical resources and fell short of business demands for improved velocity, customer experience, and sales,” Forrester notes. Traditional IT arrangements have wasted time across teams, including developers, security professionals, and platforms and operations engineers. A solution allowing for faster modernization of apps has been long overdue. 

Enter Anthos. Launched during Google Cloud Next ‘19, Anthos is a comprehensive cloud platform architecture that lets you build, deploy, and manage hybrid applications across multiple environments. The game-changing platform enables enterprises to run containerized workloads in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), on-premise, or even in other cloud environments, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Anthos represents Google’s first entry into the enterprise data center space. It also enables a seamless hybrid-cloud experience across environments, all managed from a single control panel, for the first time ever. 

Now, let’s take a look at the results of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study on Anthos.

Digging Into the Numbers

For the enterprise, the total financial impact is where Anthos proves its merit. Using a composite organization as the basis for the analysis, Forrester estimates that total quantified benefits range from $15.3 million to $42.8 million over three years. (The composite organization is a global enterprise with 15,000 employees bringing in $5 billion in annual revenues.) Here are 4 ways Anthos is able to deliver such incredible ROI: 

  1. Faster application development, testing, and deployment: Anthos reduces developers’ time spent on deployment and configuration, freeing them up to focus more on experimental coding and testing. Forrester estimates that this alone saves $5.3 million to $9.9 million over three years.
  2. Consistent, unified security policy creation and governance: The numbers really speak for themselves on this one. Forrester estimates savings of $5.3 to $9.7 million over three years, with the composite organization expected to boost productivity for security initiatives by 60 to 96%.
  3. Streamlined, automated, efficient platform operations: With Anthos allowing engineers to “configure, patch, and update platform components, release software, and migrate applications” more quickly, the platform increases efficiency by $1.8 million to $4.2 million over three years. The composite organization is on track to speed up app migration and modernization by 58 to 75%, among other concrete benefits. 
  4. Boost in customer experience and retention: Speed to market and better app dependability (thanks to Anthos) contribute to a boost in customer experience, advocacy and retention. These advantages combine to grow sales profits by $3 million to $19 million across the 3-year period. The composite organization is poised to lower application downtime by 20 to 60%, for example.

Other Attributes

In addition to the concrete benefits, customers are expecting other advantages from Anthos. Consider that, for developers and IT specialists, Anthos offers a better employee experience and a reduction in error risk. Other positives include more efficient scalability, strengthened security, consolidation of legacy platforms, ability to avoid the costs that come with cobbling together multiple platforms, mitigation of vendor lock-in risk, and lower infrastructure costs. 

If you’re curious about the tangible value of Anthos or need help justifying an Anthos deployment to senior executives and other stakeholders, don’t miss this Forrester report. 


Want to learn more about how Anthos can boost ROI for your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy? Reach out to the Maven Wave team today.

February 26th, 2020

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