3 Tips for Sales Leaders to Leverage G Suite to Drive Deals Remotely

Now more than ever, sales leaders across the globe are turning to G Suite to help drive deals and enable their workforces remotely. With G Suite’s efficiency and flexibility, leading sales forces have been able to adapt to today’s challenges swiftly. They are working faster, smarter, and together to remain at the forefront and succeed in a shifting and fiercely competitive landscape.

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Although sales reps are accustomed to endlessly running from in-person meeting to meeting, they’ll find that leveraging G Suite’s capabilities to schedule and meet with prospects virtually and on the fly stands paramount to navigating today’s uncharted waters. Across all verticals, the real-time environment and collaboration presented in the G Suite platform, delivers a significant increase in productivity, translating to more leads and sales. With the ability to automate workflows and streamline processes, geographically dispersed sales teams are efficiently meeting quotas and producing results, despite working from home.

At Maven Wave, our award-winning team of cloud industry consultants and engineers utilize G Suite daily to communicate within our organization and externally with prospects, significantly impacting the business outcomes of our clients and our firm. Since its inception, Maven Wave has been assisting clients in changing the way technology experiences are delivered by leading companies to change the way they work and thrive. Today, by leveraging our experience and expertise, sales professionals are staying relevant and connected from home, changing the way that deals get done.

Let’s dive into these 3 tips for successfully driving deals from any device, any location, with G Suite.

Tip #1: The Meeting Must Go On, Virtually

Keep your team motivated and challenged by scheduling your sales meetings with Google Meet, a highly secure, enterprise-grade video collaboration tool. Google Meet for enterprise can host meetings or trainings for up to 250 participants, and in conjunction with our Google Cloud partnership, Maven Wave is offering this feature for free through September. 

A multitude of features, such as screen share, record, and chat, can be accessed from the G Suite mobile app in addition to any browser. Not to mention, meeting virtually with Google Meet can help enterprises to exponentially save on costs versus traditional conference room and audio-visual expenses.

Ready to meet? Arranging a meeting with a potential client, new candidate, or team member has never been as fast and straightforward. Meet integrates directly with Google Calendar to schedule meetings for you, and a calendar invite is populated and sent to attendees. From any device or location, in a simple click or tap, participants can join the meeting, no downloads or wires required. From meeting with future clients to training the team and recruiting new sales leaders to help scale the organization, Google Meet facilitates an excellent alternative to live meetings and an incredibly smooth and cost-effective way to meet.

Bonus tip: When distributing recorded training sessions among the team, take the time to review it yourself for personal reflection and growth.

Tip #2: Real-Time, Real Chats, Real Deals

The seamless integration between Gmail and Sheets, Docs, and Slides creates a phenomenal and powerful real-time workflow that allows your team to edit, collaborate, prepare, and perfect those critical sales proposals, expediting the potential to close and increasing the overall success ratio. Team members can simultaneously revise, add, and engage with prospects and coworkers from any location, with changes being saved automatically. Whether they’re on their phone or laptop, G Suite propels productivity and creates a fun and engaging ecosystem for teams.

Assigning tasks can be a task of its own, especially while in an unfamiliar workspace. When working in G Suite, you can simply assign and organize tasks, and track important deadlines in Google Tasks. Synchronization across all devices allows your team to stay on-point and on-track with their assignments. Furthermore, creating secure and compliant team chats or direct conversations on Google Chats, a messaging platform designed explicitly with teams in mind, helps further manage the sales journey, while overseeing the responsibilities of the deal. Without ever leaving files, your team can work together within documents, spreadsheets, or presentations over Chat, gaining instantaneous feedback.

Tip #3: Driving the Deal with Drive

Sharing and accessing critical data and files is essential to your teams’ virtual success in the fast-paced world of sales. By implementing Google Shared Drives, the ability to collectively create, store, and access folders and files specific to each deal can be executed effortlessly.

Drive further increases your team’s position to win deals by providing quick access and secure permissions internally with deep Google AI integration. Layers of integrated data loss prevention help to ensure that your team is working securely, especially when communicating outside of the organization. Drive even recognizes key content, collaborators, and events, using features like Quick Access and ML-based search enhancements to connect each user with files that may require attention.

While handshakes are on hold for now when ultimately closing the deal, a virtual high-five in Google Meet is completely acceptable! At Maven Wave, we realize that time kills deals, and homeschooling is hard enough. With G Suite’s speed, robust features, and ease of use, your sales team will lead the way, accelerating and driving deals, like never before.

To learn more about how employees are continuing business as usual from home with G Suite, check out the sales demo from our webinar, How G Suite Empowers Remote Productivity Across Roles, below. 

For more examples and insights from our experts, stream the full webinar.

April 28th, 2020

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