3 Key Digital Transformation Trends Informing the Future of Work

As we begin to adjust to the new, stark reality that work-life as we know it might never be the same, how will enterprises reshape and move ahead? As businesses begin to reopen offices, a hybrid model is unfolding, but is it sustainable? As we speak, leading companies from around the world are addressing these uncertainties, and what is certain is that the future is digital.


Today, enterprises continue to rapidly accelerate digital transformation and rely on the cloud and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and data analytics to lead the way. Enterprises that adopt these practices are gaining speed, agility, efficiency, and innovative advantage. Those that do not, sadly, will get left behind.     

Unfortunately, there’s no crystal ball to predict exactly what lies ahead. However, enterprises must be prepared for the next disruption, and leaders must navigate forward with a robust digitally-driven strategy. This leads us to pose an extremely critical question: what’s in store for the future of work?

Digital Paves the Path Ahead

Pre-pandemic, many organizations were in early stages of shifting to a digital model. Still, several were left scrambling to perform when the crisis hit, as their plans weren’t precise and integrated enough to drive the business forward. Amid COVID-19, many lessons were learned as vulnerabilities were uncovered across industries. But the pandemic has shone a light on the power of digitization. 

According to IDC, by 2024, over 50% of all IT spending will be directly for digital transformation and innovation. Up from 31% in 2018, there’s no doubt that a new digital transformation wave is underway. Technology, however, is not the only factor in transformation; people are a significant part of the formula. Changes in processes across teams will contribute to the overall success of digital adoption.

Companies are commanding new solutions to accelerate their digital transformation to lower costs, improve agility, and open the door to new possibilities. From healthcare providers delivering patient care via telehealth to retailers blending their online and offline experiences to financial institutions building new transaction platforms, digital is changing the world. 

Collaboration Leads the Way

While we may not know precisely what the future holds, we know the best ideas emerge through collaboration. As we move into a digital future with distributed workforces, collaboration will play a vital role in business continuity. Enterprises will continue leveraging cloud-based collaboration platforms like G Suite to boast a well-connected organization. From any location or any device, teams can seamlessly collaborate and take advantage of Google Cloud Platform’s AI capabilities in meaningful ways. From collaborating on Chat and Meet to analyzing data and reaching new goals, the results of real-time, secure collaboration are transformational. 

By fully embracing digital transformation, meetings of the future will extend beyond the boardroom. Video conferencing will continue to impact the way companies communicate and collaborate for years to come. In the post-COVID-19 era, expect to see even more enhancements, upgrades, and security features to video conferencing and collaboration tools. Yet, already, so much ground has been covered, with millions of workers utilizing these platforms daily. If you need tips on how to support your remote workforce, check out our Enterprise Guide to Empowering Remote Work with G Suite

Flexibility is Key

Everything must be flexible as we move forward, from tools and platforms to employers, employees, and IT teams. As the next-generation office continues to emerge, flexibility is essential in building a sustainable hybrid enterprise environment. 

As businesses migrate and modernize enterprise workloads to the cloud and collaborate digitally, flexibility is necessary. Additionally, strategies must be flexible because today’s cutting-edge can quickly become obsolete tomorrow. To maintain a competitive edge and a thriving digital workplace, enterprises need to ensure that they are prepared, up-to-date, flexible, and ready to adapt to future changes immediately.  

While teams may still be dispersed, new ways of working and staying connecting are taking the world by storm. Whether you are back at your office or still working from home, Maven Wave has the expertise to empower your team as they head into the future. With a multitude of awards and Google Cloud Partner Specializations, including Enterprise Collaboration, our team can design and implement a strategy to help your organization work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively. Contact us to learn more.

July 23rd, 2020

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