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3 Common Cloud Adoption Myths

A new phrase entered our vocabulary in 2020: “the new normal.” For workers, it meant transforming their homes into offices and incorporating workout pants into a weekly outfit rotation. For tech leaders, 2020’s pivot to working from home bent the odds in favor of cloud adoption, making it the norm. While we’re hoping to leave many things from 2020 in the rearview mirror (so long, isolation), cloud adoption certainly isn’t one of them. Many have declared 2021 the year of cloud migration, with revenues expected to grow by 35 percent to $120 billion in 2021, according to Forrester Research. By 2022, 90 percent of enterprises worldwide will have a mix of network services that includes the cloud, IDC affirms.

As adoption gains favor, we’re shedding light on some common misconceptions about the cloud. “Mythbusters: 3 Common Cloud Adoption Myths” is a three-part cloud webinar series launching in April. Featuring leaders from Maven Wave, the series will dispel the most common myths about moving to the cloud within three categories: what it costs, how it changes culture and what it means for running containerized applications. Here’s a sneak peek of the cloud adoption webinars and info on how you can tune in.

Myth #1: Moving to the Cloud Will Lower Costs

Can I have the ease of accessibility, security and unlimited capacity the cloud provides at a cost lower than what I’m paying for my traditional network? The truth is the adoption of cloud alone won’t lead to automatic cost savings but selecting the smartest cloud features will lead to long-term monetary value. Find out how to design a cloud adoption strategy that satisfies all team members and ultimately benefits the bottom line.

Webinar Details: Join Maven Wave’s experts on Wednesday, April 7, at 12:00 p.m. CST for insights on how to optimize costs in the long run and what you should be looking for in cloud features.

Attendees Will Learn More About:

  •  The fallacy of Lift & Shift to cloud
  •  The static infrastructure trap
  •  Missing cost governance / capacity planning
  •  The cost of non-optimized operations
  •  Static budgets and cultural constraints


Myth #2: My Team Will Never Support a Shift to Cloud

You might be thinking,“Haven’t the changes of the past year put enough strain on internal resources?” And it’s probably true that your staff will be wary of cloud adoption during a time that’s already marked by change. We know change is never easy, but given the benefits the cloud provides, it’s important to get team members on board. So, how can enterprises champion for change and ensure their teams adopt this new mindset from the top down? Experts from our change management team will discuss the best way to employ organizational change management tactics and use product-centered solutions that will invigorate employees and ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.

Webinar Details: Join Maven Wave’s experts on Wednesday, April 14, at 12:00 p.m. CST for insights on how to effectively lead colleagues on taking the plunge into cloud adoption. 

Attendees Will Learn More About:

  •  Defining a vision and “what’s in it for me” messaging for stakeholder groups
  •  Typical change impacts encountered in a cloud transformation
  •  Ideal behaviors and culture for cloud success
  •  Effective organizational change management tactics to implement
  •  The technological shift: challenge and opportunity
  •  Using product-centered development to drive cloud adoption
  •  Using DevOps solutions to ease the transition


Myth #3: It’s Easy to Run Containerized Applications Across Different Clouds

Wow! Check out all the cool features the cloud provides … now, how do we use them? Having the solutions you need right at your fingertips does no good if employees don’t understand them. And when you are faced with many different clouds and a multitude of applications, the process of cloud adoption can seem daunting. Having appropriate tools and strategies are top priorities to ensure smooth operation of applications across clouds, and it’s even better if your organization adopts a repeatable process and pattern that teams can easily follow and scale for maximum flexibility.   

Webinar Details: Join Maven Wave’s experts on Wednesday, April 28, at 12:00 pm CST for insights on how to set your company up for success across different clouds. Plus, hear application adoption strategies for different environments.

Attendees Will Learn More About:

  • Why DevOps chases “shiny things”
  • How to get stakeholders on board
  • Adopting realistic strategies and architectures
  • Having a repeatable process and pattern that your team can easily follow and continue to scale
  • Creating an open a dialogue about methods


We hope you’ll join us on Wednesdays in April at 12:00 p.m. CST for our “Mythbusters: Cloud Adoption” webinar series. Registration for all three cloud webinars is now open.


March 31st, 2021

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