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2022 Ignite Analyst Program: A Truly Unique Experience for New Grads

This month, our 2022 Ignite Analyst Program wrapped up the most recent rotation. To cap off this amazing experience, all 27 newly hired analysts presented their final mock project.

2022 Ignite Analyst Program: A Truly Unique Experience for New Grads

The Ignite Analyst program was launched in 2020 to help new grads develop their skills in a corporate environment. The analysts go through a 12-week rotational program that provides a deep dive into Maven Wave and the five different horizontals within the company:

  1. Cloud Platform
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Application Development
  4. Collaboration: Change Management & Deployment
  5. Engagement Leadership 

“My favorite moment at Maven Wave so far was meeting and networking with Mavens. The culture and experience at Maven Wave are great and keep you motivated.” – Joseph Cardenas, Wave 1 Ignite Analyst 

Once they’re brought on board, the fledgling analysts are assigned to a group, in which they work together just like they would on a client engagement. The final project is a company-wide presentation based on a business case provided to them at the beginning of their rotations. Each group provides a live demonstration of their team’s deliverables and findings.

“The curriculum we provide the analysts during their rotations is determined by the work we do for our clients,” said Ashleigh Neely, Campus Lead at Maven Wave. “The key part of the Ignite program is helping them understand what Maven Wave does in all aspects. That way they are set up for success when they are on a client engagement.” 

The main benefit for recent graduates is letting them explore the options within a company. Ignite provides a truly unique opportunity that few other consulting firms offer new analysts. Whether you majored in computer science, economics, or communications, the Ignite program will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in the consulting industry. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Ignite program — so much so that I’m sad it’s ending! I am so excited to join the Collab team, but I have also loved getting to know my fellow analysts to the point where I now consider them my good friends.” – Jenny Turock, Wave 2 Ignite Analyst 

“My favorite part about working with the Ignite Analysts is the energy they bring to their day to day. The amount they grow within 12 weeks has also been so fun to watch,” Neely said. 

Interested in joining our next rotation? Click to hear what our Wave 1 and Wave 2 analysts had to say about their experiences in the Ignite program! 


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Courtney Jackson
Courtney Jackson is a Marketing Coordinator at Maven Wave. She enjoys telling stories about people and initiatives that strive to benefit local communities. Prior to joining the team, Courtney has interned as a communications intern at AARP Georgia and Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business. Courtney recently earned a M.Ed from Loyola University Chicago.
September 20th, 2022

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