2017 Maven Wave Customer Summit Recap

Maven Wave recently hosted our 2017 Customer Summit, in which leaders from many of our customers came together to learn, build a network of peers, and discuss today’s digital enterprise. With a theme of “the art of the possible”, the 2017 Maven Wave Customer Summit presented a comprehensive and ambitious view into the latest in the tech world.

Keynote: How to Create an Exponential Mindset

The day kicked off with a keynote address from Mark Bonchek of Shift Thinking that served to frame the day’s conversations. Bonchek laid out the distinction between the incremental approach that most enterprises follow and the transformative power that can be unleashed by adopting an exponential mindset instead. The path isn’t easy, particularly in the trough that precedes the later stage lift-off. However, Bonchek provided concrete examples from Lowes, Sephora, and Best Buy that illustrated both the obstacles to overcome and the gains to be won from successfully tapping an exponential growth curve.

Driving Innovation from the Inside

The morning session continued with a practical look at driving innovation from the inside, which was led by Derek Debe from Abbvie. As the Director of Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Derek truly is an expert on this topic and has already been successful at inspiring innovation and driving transformation at his company. Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are rightly conservative in nature, making the challenge of building and enabling an innovative culture all the more difficult. Debe gave concrete examples of how he has been successful at moving the needle at Abbvie, beginning with Knowledge Notebook, which is a collaborative tool used for teams to manage projects, document progress, and create task flows. The tool taps the power of digital and drives an acceleration and innovation throughout the organization.

The View From Both Maven Wave and Customers

For the perspective from Maven Wave, founding partner Brian Farrar detailed how the very nature of work has been transformed by the advent of a digital economy. The old, hierarchical, and siloed corporation is not equipped to handle innovation at the speed of digital, much less keep up. A new paradigm has emerged that fuses the best of insight, collaboration, and process to fully embrace and capture the digital innovation lifecycle.

A customer panel of Rohit Bennur from Capital One, Aspi Havewala of Verizon, and Daniel Maia from AB InBev, finished off the morning session with some insights of their own. Bennur discussed the importance of being being cognizant of obstacles, not the least of which are emotionally held internal beliefs. Maia concurred and brought up the importance of providing clear incentives to drive change. To further that, Havewala discussed the formal ways that information and support can be given during a change initiative. Finally, the weight of entrenched practices was highlighted by an example; 12 years ago, Fidelity ran the fifth largest post office in the United States. To succeed in transformation, the company emphasized having a “northstar” for change alignment and the importance of getting feedback from all levels of the organization.

After the customer panel, we broke for lunch. The afternoon sessions took a deeper dive into topics surrounding digital. Below we have outlined each session; if you are interested in learning more about the information that was presented, contact us here to get a one-on-one debrief.

From Motivations to Pixels: Designing Digital Experience that Changes Behavior

Joel Osman, Managing Director, Digital & User Experience Practice

Winning in digital means capturing, motivating, and inspiring people – including digital natives. In this executive briefing, we explored the behavioral research, motivational design, and value capture techniques that are critical to designing and delivering engaging digital experiences for customers and/or employees.

Everything is Somewhere: Generate Value from Location Data

Marc Glasstetter, Principal & Sales Lead, Geospatial Practice
Shel Davis, Senior Principal & Technical Lead, Geospatial Practice

As the world becomes more mobile, businesses have the ability to collect more data that has a location component. The ability to leverage this data can be a key area of growth and differentiation, but not every business knows how to maximize the ROI. This session highlighted solutions that maximize the return on the location data that is already being collected.

Future Proofing Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Aaron Friedman, Senior Principal, Cloud Infrastructure Practice
Shannon Rush, Principal, Cloud Infrastructure Practice

Forward-thinking executives understand that single vendor cloud strategies expose the organization to substantial risk. Yet today, many firms are “standardizing” on a single cloud infrastructure. In this fast-paced session, we explored why industry leaders are insisting on a multi-cloud strategy to future proof their cloud infrastructure, including considerations such as provisioning, deployment, performance, billing, and support operations.

Beyond the Hype: The Business of Machine Learning

Brad Foster, Managing Director, Google Cloud Practice

Machine Learning is the “it” board room topic of the moment, but most executives have no idea how to use it, or what it can do to create value in the organization. Meanwhile, early adopters and innovators are driving impressive results. In this session, we skipped the tech talk, and instead cover the critical success factors leadership should focus on and some example cases that demonstrate the value chain.

Increasing Product to Market Velocity

Eric Hanson, Senior Principal, Google Cloud Practice

Anyone that uses any digital product knows that born-in-the-cloud digital leaders can deliver new product at the speed of light. Meanwhile, traditional organizations struggle to keep up. In this critical session, we demonstrated why digital leaders succeed where traditional organizations fail and what execs can do to change the game.

Blockchain: This Will Change Everything

Chuck Mackie, Consultant

While blockchain was initially developed as a financial product, it is rapidly becoming apparent that this technology will have a large impact on a wide variety of businesses. In fact, many experts believe that blockchain will be as big or bigger than the internet. What is so special about blockchain and what industries are likely to be impacted as it spreads and grows? This presentation took a look at the current state of blockchain development and where it’s likely to go next.

Data Analytics: Data is Your Competitor’s Secret Weapon

Todd Truesdell, Managing Director, Data & Analytics Practice

To truly be successful and drive innovation in the digital age, you need a modern data and analytics platform. Maven Wave discussed time to market, uses cases for enabling predictive analytics and machine learning, and presented a blueprint for moving to a next generation data analytics platform.

Enterprise Collaboration: Where Do We Go From Here

Scott McIntyre, Google Cloud
Jason Ruge, Partner, Google Cloud Practice

Google offers industry-leading cloud collaboration tools for the enterprise to enable a truly collaborative environment. With the right foundational elements in place, learn how companies can enhance the experience for employees and customers and innovate more seamlessly.

Driving Innovation from the Inside

The day wrapped up with a lively discussion on Creating a Culture of Innovation with Jon Greifenkamp of the Chicago Cubs, Chad Wanless of Google, and moderated by Mark Bonchek. All of us at Maven Wave are truly grateful to all of our customers who spent the day with us and to all the speakers who left us feeling inspired to think exponentially, drive digital transformation, and become the next industry disruptors.

October 10th, 2017

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