2-Minute Assessment: Where Are You on Your Data Journey?

New tools, structures, and practices are driving a transformational data journey for the enterprise, but the challenges can be complex and progress often comes in fits and starts. So, where do you stand in your data journey? And what can be learned from success stories for overcoming challenges and driving the process of becoming a data-driven organization? This 8-question assessment will give you an overview of where you are in the journey and provide insights on how you can drive change in your organization.

2-Minute Assessment: Where Are You on Your Data Journey?

Assessing the Maturity of Your Data Journey

Score each question on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being less developed/just beginning and 5 being highly developed/mature.

  1. We have been able to exit the data center and proprietary data formats to a more cloud-based, open-source platform. Our score: _____
  2. Data has been rationalized to the point that all forms are clearly and concisely stored and retained and are readily available for every business unit that needs them. Our score: _____
  3. Tools are available that make it possible to merge, amend, and create groupings of datasets. Our score: _____
  4. Visualization features that support the analytic and business needs of the enterprise have been developed and deployed. Our score: _____
  5. Advanced visualization tools (i.e., dashboards, storyboards, infographics, and the components that make them possible) are available for general use. Our score: _____
  6. Automation tools for scripting, planning, and other functions for enhanced analytics are widely available for all relevant business units. Our score: _____
  7. Advanced capabilities such as NLP, ML / AI, and predictive analytics have been operationalized so that they are generally available as needed. Our score: _____
  8. Collaboration tools that allow for shared comments, export capabilities, and mobile access are fully developed. Our score: _____


  • 8 – 15: Your data journey is taking shape and requires concentration on the fundamentals that will set the stage for further growth. Fortunately, many opportunities likely exist for immediate wins that can deliver rapid ROI while starting the virtuous cycle of continual innovation.
  • 16 – 23: Efforts to further develop your data journey are starting to take shape. A strategic focus on strengths and areas that require additional focus is important at this stage to ensure that a growth trajectory can be enhanced and maintained. Very often, long-term success is compromised by short-sighted tactical decisions. Deep analysis and assessments will lessen such future roadblocks.
  • 24 – 31: Your data journey is developing well due to a broad and concerted effort to focus on the fundamentals. You are beginning to build on early successes to broaden the use and impact of data into more areas of the company. Pay attention to maintaining good hygiene principles while simultaneously broadening the use of analytics and collaboration tools.
  • 32 – 40: A true, data-driven enterprise: Benefits are likely radiating throughout the enterprise and having a profound impact on the bottom line. Maintain momentum by retaining focus on the fundamentals as you look to increase the use of cutting-edge tools and, at the same time, operationalize these advanced functions.

Preparing Your Data for the Future

No matter how your enterprise scores on this assessment, it is important to recognize that a data journey is a voyage that lacks a terminal destination. The journey is perpetual, with new insights leading to further opportunities for insight and improvement. As new technologies are deployed, new datasets mastered, and new processes perfected, opportunities will continually reveal themselves and improvements will continue to arise. 

Wherever you are on your data journey, countless opportunities exist to take the next step and build ever better data outcomes. In the face of the fact that this journey is endless, it helps to have a trusted partner to assist and accelerate the effort toward enhanced insights and increased efficiency. Find out how Maven Wave, an Atos company, can help. Contact us today.

September 27th, 2022

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