10% or 10x? Consider the Exponential Option

We talk a lot about the digital age, the accelerating pace of change in business and the influx of innovation the world is seeing. New technologies engulf us: the cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics… the list seems to get longer by the day.

10% or 10x? Consider the Exponential Option

According to a Dell survey of 4,000 business leaders, 48% were uncertain about what their industry landscape would look like over the next three years. So it’s understandable that many businesses fall into the trap of clinging to what has worked in the past – perhaps making small adjustments but resisting radical change. Maybe they’re waiting until the market stabilizes a bit more, until they fully understand the latest technologies, until they have perfected their current services and model.

The problem is, the market may sweep up those businesses before any of that happens.

At Maven Wave, we encourage companies to consider the exponential option. Think about how you can improve by 10x versus 10% – even if that’s the tougher, more involved and seemingly riskier conversation. After all, what’s really risky is not keeping up with digital shifts and customer demands.

According to Google Cloud: “A 10x goal forces you to rethink an idea entirely. It pushes you beyond existing models and forces you to totally reimagine how to approach it.”

Of course, it’s not easy. “As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, they are finding that digital business is not as simple as buying the latest technology — it requires significant changes to culture and systems. A recent Gartner, Inc. survey found that only a small number of organizations have been able to successfully scale their digital initiatives beyond the experimentation and piloting stages.” That’s a quote from Gartner’s announcement about the six barriers to becoming a digital business. The first two? “A change-resisting culture” and “limited sharing and collaboration.”

We’re passionate about both of those topics. Given today’s business challenges (digital uncertainty, cloud confusion, cultural barriers and more) and the importance of getting digital transformation right, many companies choose to partner with Maven Wave and Google Cloud to achieve rapid, exponential results. Here’s our game plan that we use to help enterprise businesses achieve their goals:

And just to offer some proof that we have experience in this department, Maven Wave started seeing exponential growth in 2015 and we’ve been on that path ever since. (If you’re curious, you can learn more about our 10 years of growth here.) But the real evidence is in the results we’ve accomplished for our Fortune 500 clients. Check out these case studies for the details.

If you’re ready to consider the exponential option for your company, reach out to Maven Wave here.

November 8th, 2018

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