10 Best Practices to Enable A Remote Workforce With Chrome Enterprise

As we prepare for the future and continue to navigate the new norm, many corporations have already announced that they are extending remote working until further notice. With Twitter leading the charge toward an indefinite remote workforce, other large enterprises are following suit. Google and Facebook also announced that most of their employees would be working from home until the end of the year.

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Modern, secure platforms such as Google’s Chrome Enterprise have positioned companies to deliver seamless virtual work experiences, enabling employees to be efficient from home or any location and providing IT admins the power to manage corporate devices remotely. With that in mind, will lavish offices equipped with fully stocked fridges and video games be a thing of the past? 

When COVID-19 came crashing in, businesses scrambled to deploy effective business continuity plans. According to a recent Gartner study, 54% of HR leaders indicated poor technology is the biggest barrier to effective remote working. Breaking through that barrier remains paramount for IT teams worldwide. Here at Maven Wave, we quickly implemented cloud strategies to enable remote workforces, leveraging Chrome Enterprise as a key component. The adoption of Google’s Chrome platform empowers businesses across verticals with flexibility, especially in healthcare, to support front line workers. 

For cloud solutions to be executed and managed successfully and for employees to stay productive, enterprises must follow best practices. Let’s take a look at the 10 best practices to enable a remote workforce with Chrome Enterprise.

1. Network Settings for Remote Access

Employees will need access to their data. To achieve this, you must ensure devices have the right policies for Wi-Di, Ethernet, and VPN access, as well as network certificates.

2. Google Safe Browsing

From the Google Admin console, IT admins can configure the “Check Google Safe Browsing” setting. This will warn users of malicious sites before they navigate to them, deterring negligent behavior.

3. Remote Disablement of Devices

Mitigate risk in a flash and disable a corporate Chrome device that may have been lost or stolen. In addition, this ability will safeguard the organization from terminated or furloughed employees being able to access their corporate accounts. It even allows teams to send a message to let the finder of a lost device know where to return it.

4. Resolve Technical Issues with Chrome Remote Desktop

As easy as Chromebooks are to use, issues arise. With Chrome Remote Desktop, IT departments can provide remote support quickly when users are encountering difficulties.

5. Check Forced Re-Enrollment

Ensure devices remain managed and settings are enforced on the device by enabling forced re-enrollment.

6. Access to Apps

Make sure that remote workers have access to the apps that they need to stay productive. You can pin apps and extensions to users’ taskbars or block apps from being installed. If needed, employees can also use VDI solutions to access apps.

7. Check Screen Locks and Idle Settings

To reduce others from using an employee device, set the screen to lock after being idle for a period.

8. Updating

Download and install updates for employees automatically and seamlessly in the background.

9. Leverage Managed Bookmark Settings

Using the Admin console, you can curate and push a list of useful bookmarks for remote workers, providing easy access to internal resources such as HR documents.

10. Manage Chrome Browser Across Platforms

Safeguard your organization with built-in protections from Chrome. This feature allows you to manage Chrome browsers across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

With Maven Wave as your partner, initiating these strategies will be seamless. Maven Wave holds ten Google Cloud Partner Specializations and has been named the Google Cloud North America Services Partner of the Year three years in a row. Leveraging our technical expertise and results-driven consulting methodology, our team can help your organization work remotely.

Ready to get started with Chrome Enterprise? Contact us today for more information and to learn more. 

May 27th, 2020

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