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Google Machine Learning APIs Will Reshape the Way You Work

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As we delve deeper into the age of digital transformation, machine learning has been a revolutionizing element during this technology shift. The capabilities machine learning is achieving are exciting— yet, almost unimaginable. Google is a key player in machine learning technology, as the company is making major investments in the space with new APIs

5 Ways Marketers Can Utilize G Suite

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Collaboration is key to success within the enterprise and this is especially true in marketing. It’s essential for marketing teams to quickly and effectively communicate with various departments, vendors, customers, and prospects. Marketers are faced with the challenge of consistently developing creative content for campaigns, events, and other marketing activities. Delivering high-quality content requires

Recap of Google Cloud Next ‘17

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Maven Wave had the privilege of attending and sponsoring Google Cloud Next ‘17 in San Francisco, CA last week. It was a jam-packed week of exciting announcements from Google, meeting new people, and expanding our expertise of Google Cloud. There were over 100 exciting announcements made and more learnings than could possibly be covered

The SaaS-Powered Workplace: The Present & Future of Work

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This post was originally published on the BetterCloud Monitor. In December 2016, our partner BetterCloud introduced the first-ever Unified SaaS Management platform. This post explains why BetterCloud has set out to help IT professionals around the world conquer the unique and enormous challenges caused by rapid SaaS proliferation. In 2011, inventor, entrepreneur, and investor

Rethinking the Corporation: The Digital Innovation Lifecycle Part 2

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In our first post in this series, we argued that the traditional departmental corporate form (i.e. sales, marketing, finance, ops, IT, etc.), universally applied, and virtually unchanged for over two centuries, is killing innovation in leading corporations around the world. We noted that to compete, corporations must rethink the way they organize, fund, and

Ask the Expert: Google Cloud Platform

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With the Google Cloud Platform, companies can quickly and cost-effectively keep up with the pace of today’s digital transformation. The Google Cloud Platform allows businesses to build and run applications, and store and analyze data, all on Google’s Cloud. Google has made major investments to meet the demands of the enterprise market and have

Beyond the Cloud – DevOps in Financial Services

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One of the hottest topics in the financial services industry these days is the swelling adoption of the cloud1. After a late start, financial services is making up for lost time by aggressively moving processes and products to the cloud and to good effect. But does cloud by itself have the ability to deliver

Top 5 Ways HR Professionals Can Benefit from G Suite

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The way we work is constantly changing. Employees expect to use the devices and applications that they use in their personal lives to get work done. They want access to their work information anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The challenge for Human Resources is to create a culture that is flexible enough to


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Company Profile RRD, formerly RR Donnelley, is a leading global provider of integrated multichannel marketing and business communications solutions. With more than 52,000 customers and 42,000 employees across 28 countries, RRD offers a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities, experience, and scale that enables organizations around the world to effectively create, manage, deliver, and optimize their