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Employee Spotlight: Meet Lars Feste

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Lars Feste serves as an Analyst on the Google Cloud Team. Feste graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Informatics and a minor in Marketing. In his free time, he enjoys training and competing in triathlons, golfing, and listening to live music, as well as spending time with family and friends. A fun [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Whitney Evers

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Whitney Evers serves as Maven Wave’s Office Manager. Evers received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Central Michigan along with a Second Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management, as well as a Master Degree in International Business from Webber International University. Previously,  Evers has held roles in meeting planning, as well as sales. In [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Elyse Gac

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Our most recent Employee Spotlight features Elyse Gac, who serves as an HR Generalist at Maven Wave. Prior to her position at Maven Wave, Gac was a Human Resources Associate at Performics. Gac studied Creative Writing and English at The University of Wisconsin-Madison and received her Masters of Science in Reading Education from California [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Matt Powers

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Matt Powers serves as a Sales Engineer for the Google Maps practice at Maven Wave. Powers recently graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Economics. Prior to working at Maven Wave, Powers was part of the Enterprise Analytics Strategy team at John Deere. Powers enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and hanging [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Mikel Rosenthal

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Mikel Rosenthal serves as a UX Senior Team Lead at Maven Wave. Rosenthal studied Electronic Arts, Graphic Design, and Mass Media at Missouri State University. Prior to working at Maven Wave, Rosenthal was employed at Biersma Creative—which was eventually acquired by Maven Wave. A few of Mikel’s hobbies include: music production, art and object collection, [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Shana Sternstein

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Next up on our Employee Spotlight series is Shana Sternstein, who was recently hired as our new Head of Talent Acquisition and Development. Sternstein earned her degree in Psychology from Drake University. Prior to her position at Maven Wave, Sternstein was employed at Cars.com as the Director of Recruiting. Outside of work, Sternstein enjoys running and [...]

Employee Spotlight: Austin Andrews

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Austin Andrews serves as a Senior Consultant at Maven Wave. Andrews studied accounting at Western Michigan University and began his career at Triton-Tek, which was acquired by Maven Wave in 2011. Andrew’s hobbies include: open source software development, design iconography, trying out new beers around Chicago with friends, as well as attending and speaking at [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Glenn Brown

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Our next Employee Spotlight features Glenn Brown, who has served as a Solutions Architect and DevOps Consultant at Maven Wave for the past 2 years. Brown graduated from Judson University with a Bachelors Degree in Religion and Politics and a Master’s Degree in Religion from Northern Baptist Seminary. Previously, Brown was employed at The SAVO [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jimmy Choi

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With our Employee Spotlights on the Fusion Blog, you have the opportunity to get to know our employees and what it’s like to work at Maven Wave! Jimmy at the 50-Miler Finish Line Jimmy Choi began his position as Principal of Business Development at Maven Wave in June 2015. Choi graduated from Purdue [...]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Courtney Claussen

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Employee Spotlights are a recent edition to our Fusion Blog! Get to know our employees and what it’s like to work at Maven Wave.  Courtney Claussen began her role as a Manager at Maven Wave in May 2015. Claussen attended the University of Northern Colorado for her bachelor’s degree in finance and Valparaiso University for her [...]