Rethinking the Corporation: The Digital Innovation Lifecycle Part 2

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In our first post in this series, we argued that the traditional departmental corporate form (i.e. sales, marketing, finance, ops, IT, etc.), universally applied, and virtually unchanged for over two centuries, is killing innovation in leading corporations around the world. We noted that to compete, corporations must rethink the way they organize, fund, and

Rethinking the Corporation: The Digital Innovation Lifecycle Part 1

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A year ago this October, we began a series of blog posts on the ways that technology is dissolving into every nook and cranny of our lives. We noted that the very nature of the work we do is changing; it’s less an assembly line, and more of a swarm. Marketing doesn’t just market, it

#Humans-Vs-TheMachine: Privacy and Security in the Information Age Part 3

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The first two missives in this series focused on the eroding right of privacy, its effect on human congress, and in particular, its effect on the global markets in which we work. The first blog explored an Apple vs. FBI case, in which the FBI was asking Apple to hack its own phone in pursuit

The Millennials of Maven Wave

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Today, Millennials represent the largest segment within the working class. With 1/3 of the workforce consisting of Millennials, society has attached numerous titles to this generation ranging from "digital natives" to "lazy and entitled." As discussed in our previous installments, it's vital for the enterprise to adapt to a Millennial-friendly culture to stay ahead of the

Millennials Part 2: How to Adapt to a New Way to Work

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As we discussed in our first blog post, Millennials are rapidly influencing the enterprise during this age of digital transformation. While Millennials are significant assets, companies must redefine their cultural structure to retain these individuals. Research shows that one of the biggest challenges chief executives are faced with is appealing to and retaining Millennials. Let’s

Millennials: Reshaping Corporate Culture

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Millennials are redefining the workplace standards with a contrasting outlook on technology and culture, resulting in a recent transformation in the enterprise. Upper management may sometimes pose the question, “why should we adopt to the Millennial culture?” Transitioning to a Millennial-friendly culture can be challenging, however it is a change that will lead to competitive

Takeaways from Atmosphere Digital: Rethinking Security in the Cloud

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Google hosted a live digital event this week focused on rethinking security in the cloud. More and more companies are realizing the cost savings and productivity benefits of being in the cloud, but there continues to be some hesitation centered around safety and security of data. At Atmosphere, Google security experts and customers discussed how

Building a Digital Business for the Future

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Maven Wave recently participated in the 2016 AGENDA conference, hosted by IDG Enterprise in Amelia Island, FL. AGENDA is a business leadership conference focused on transforming the enterprise for the digital world. The conference is attended by digital leaders from all over the country who are leading transformation efforts in their organizations; C-level executives, VPs,

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Collaboration as the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

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In today’s digital world, the only thing that’s constant is change. This couldn’t be more true in today’s enterprise. There are new consumption models that have completely changed the way consumers purchase, new buyers in the enterprise that are influencing technology outside of IT, and new business models that are embracing digital engagement with customers.