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Management Consulting Firm: Capitalizing on Change Opportunities

Face it, there’s more opportunity for positive change than mind share and money to take advantage of it. Creating value through change is difficult. But with a clear-eyed view of where you stand today and a shared vision of what’s necessary to succeed in the future, picking the right opportunities and then executing well, are the keys to extracting value in today’s market. Working with a top management consulting firm like Maven Wave can help achieve that vision.

Maven Wave assists clients in creating and capitalizing on change opportunities through a unique blend of strategic insight, business knowledge, and technology expertise. These disciplines are inextricably linked together in successful change efforts. Strategy drives process change. Process change relies on technology. New technology creates strategic opportunities. Maven Wave’s approach focuses on identifying the right problems, sequencing them in a way that yields the highest impact first, and objectively measuring and managing to successful outcomes.

Business Case Development

Business Case Development

Successful business change begins with an economic argument that persuades management to make an investment in the pursuit of improved results. As the effort to implement new initiatives is buffeted by the inevitable winds of change, the business case articulates the desired outcome, demonstrates the expected return, and identifies key drivers that produce results.

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Roadmap Development

Roadmap Development

If the business case is “true north”, then the roadmap for change identifies the resources that must be mobilized, sets a shared vision of the actions being taken, and identifies key decisions and decision makers.

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Transformation Planning

Transformation Planning

Making change with impact requires a coordinated effort across organizational, technical, and market boundaries. Achieving results in one area of the organization, often depends on change in another. Transformation planning synchronizes these interdependencies to avoid risk estimation error, missed expectations, and poor results.

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Program Management Office

Program Management Office

Many organizations struggle with managing multiple, interdependent work streams. Investing in a Program Management Office (PMO) is a best practice that addresses the most common sources of misunderstood risk and wasted effort. From developing standardized project management practices and effort estimation approaches, to ensuring repeatability, a PMO can provide the structure needed to succeed.

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Management Consulting Firm

Business Requirements

Any business case depends upon the establishment of a series of capabilities required to achieve the desired outcome. When well understood by all stakeholders in the workstream, business requirements articulate the key factors that are necessary for success. Most organizations believe there is alignment because stakeholders are using the same “common sense” words. But common sense does not assure shared meaning, vocabulary, and vision among business stakeholders. This mistaken belief in the power of common sense leads to missed expectations, wasted effort, and bad outcomes.

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Change Management

Change Management

In any meaningful change initiative, there is a real difference between the focus, competencies, technology, and procedures that run today’s operation and those that will run tomorrow’s. Even if the solution developed for tomorrow is perfect, it will only yield returns if a company can achieve adoption. Adoption requires change management disciplines that drive desired change in human behaviors. The technology creates opportunity, but the people deliver business results.

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Operational Performance and Process Engineering

Operational Performance and Process Engineering

Efficient operational performance is no longer a desired future goal, but a near-term requirement for any successful company. Process engineering can determine how to optimize the business to do things better, more consistently, cheaper, more quickly, or more efficiently. A management consulting firm like Maven Wave can streamline this process for you so you can see results sooner.

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